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X-Chat Latest Version

X-Chat 2.8.9

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Aug 28, 2010
0.95 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

X-Chat Popular Version

X-Chat 2.6.9b

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Nov 6, 2006
1.53 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
X-Chat 1.8.10 Add info629.14 KB
X-Chat 1.8.10a Add info840.22 KB
X-Chat 1.8.11a Add info0.91 MB
X-Chat 1.8.11 Add info894.07 KB
X-Chat 2.4.0c Add info1.63 MB
X-Chat 2.4.1b Add info1.64 MB
X-Chat 2.4.1a Add info1.64 MB
X-Chat 2.4.1 Add info1.64 MB
X-Chat 2.4.2 Add info1.67 MB
X-Chat 2.4.3 Add info1.67 MB
X-Chat 2.4.4 Add info1.66 MB
X-Chat 2.4.5d Add info1.62 MB
X-Chat 2.4.5e Add info1.62 MB
X-Chat 2.4.5c Add info1.63 MB
X-Chat 2.4.5 Add info1.67 MB
X-Chat 2.4.5b Add info1.67 MB
X-Chat 2.4.5a Add info1.67 MB
X-Chat 2.6.0 Add info1.51 MB
X-Chat 2.6.1c Add info1.58 MB
X-Chat 2.6.2 Add info1.58 MB
X-Chat 2.6.3a Add info1.58 MB
X-Chat 2.6.3 Add info1.57 MB
X-Chat 2.6.5a Add info1.48 MB
X-Chat 2.6.5 Add info1.48 MB
X-Chat 2.6.7Jul 25, 20061.50 MB
X-Chat 2.6.7aAug 27, 20061.50 MB
X-Chat 2.6.9cDec 17, 20061.53 MB
X-Chat 2.6.9Oct 17, 20061.53 MB
X-Chat 2.6.9bNov 6, 20061.53 MB
X-Chat 2.8.1bJan 30, 20071.14 MB
X-Chat 2.8.1Jan 12, 20071.53 MB
X-Chat 2.8.3cMar 19, 20070.92 MB
X-Chat 2.8.3eMay 13, 20070.92 MB
X-Chat 2.8.3dApr 15, 20070.92 MB
X-Chat 2.8.5dNov 21, 20070.93 MB
X-Chat 2.8.5cNov 3, 20070.93 MB
X-Chat 2.8.5Jun 24, 20070.92 MB
X-Chat 2.8.5bOct 5, 20070.93 MB
X-Chat 2.8.5aJul 9, 20070.92 MB
X-Chat 2.8.7eJan 18, 20090.95 MB
X-Chat 2.8.7fAug 16, 20090.95 MB
X-Chat 2.8.7dDec 30, 20080.95 MB
X-Chat 2.8.7bJun 7, 20080.95 MB
X-Chat 2.8.7aApr 15, 20080.95 MB
X-Chat 2.8.7Mar 20, 20080.95 MB
X-Chat 2.8.9Aug 28, 20100.95 MB

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X-Chat Description

X-Chat, commonly written XChat or xchat, is one of the most popular IRC clients for Unix-like systems. It is also available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (via an offshoot of the project, called X-Chat Aqua, which keeps in sync with the main development branch and is much more popular than the official version maintained by the Fink project).

XChat has a choice of a tabbed or tree interface, support for multiple servers, and a high level of configurability. Both command line and graphical versions are available, although use of the graphical version far outweighs use of the command line version.

X-Chat Comments

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