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X-Chat 2.8.3e


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X-Chat 2.8.3e  Change Log

  • Scrolling with a background image is now much faster.
  • Fixed underscore (\'_\') in the nick-name right-click menu being drawn as an underline.
  • ut2004:// URLs are now underlined too.
  • /set gui_tray_flags 4 will now enable a \"Minimize to tray\" feature. Clicking the window minimize button will minimize to tray instead of the task-bar.
  • Fixed bug: [1680762] Notify fails if network name contains spaces.
  • Fixed a crash if your clock was accidently set beyond 2038.
  • XChat now handles multi-monitor and resolution changes more gracefully, so that menus arn\'t drawn off-screen etc.
  • Script and Plugin related changes:
    • /SETTEXT with no argument now clears the input box.
    • Returning 0 from an FD hook now unhooks it (C API and Perl).
    • Python now has a xchat.strip method (to strip mIRC codes).

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