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WinSCP 5.0.9 (Release Candidate) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

WinSCP 5.0.9 (Release Candidate)  Change Log

  • When saving current session over the original stored session, save password by default unless it changed and do not prompt for overwrite.
  • Values of .NET assembly properties Session.SshHostKey and Session.SslCertificate are validated for correct syntax.
  • Change: Not keeping name of an original stored session for edited ad-hoc sessions.
  • Change: In .NET assembly SessionOptions class property SshHostKey renamed to SshHostKeyFingerprint, SshPrivateKey to SshPrivateKeyPath and SslCertificate to SslHostCertificateFingerprint.
  • Values of .NET assembly SessionOptions class properties Timeout and PortNumber are validated.
  • If FTP connection requires password, prompt immediately, without reconnecting. 653
  • Session log includes all script console output, including local errors. 910
  • Method Session.EscapeFileMask added. 901
  • Bug fix: Ad-hoc sessions were added to the jump list. 894
  • Bug fix: Icon on properties dialog was rendered with session color on background.
  • Bug fix: Failure after system wide change. 899
  • Bug fix: Tray icon was not restored after explorer/taskbar restart. 898
  • Bug fix: Session.ListDirectory did not report fatal errors. 900
  • Bug fix: External IP address of the server is not used when provided IP address is automatically detected as unroutable. 904
  • Bug fix: Error connecting over SOCKS proxy with FTP protocol. 907
  • Bug fix: Failure when exiting with default configuration. 908
  • Bug fix: Error when listing file with MLST FTP command failed. 905
  • Bug fix: Error retrieving file stats, if FTP server returns full file path in MLST response. 906

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