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WinSCP 3.1.0


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WinSCP 3.1.0  Change Log

  • Support for older version 2 of SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). With the version it is not possible to handle symbolic links. When it is in use, program behaves as if Resolve symbolic links option (see below) were turned off.
  • Version of SFTP in use is displayed on status line of main application window.
  • On Stored sessions tab of login dialog, you may add item to Windows Explorer’s Send to menu. The item opens session and uploads selected files.
  • All icons and shortcuts that may be created using installer can be created also on Integration tab of Preferences window. This includes desktop icon, quick launch icon and upload shortcut to Windows Explorer’s Send to context menu.
  • Option Resolve symbolic links on Environment tab of Login dialog. If it is turned off, symbolic links will not be resolved, when directory content is loaded. This may speed up directory loading and avoid problems with cyclic links. Yet it disables possibility to open symbolic links pointing to a directory and disables Add/edit link function.
  • On Properties window, it is possible to change file permissions even using octal format.
  • For external editor, it is possible to specify optional parameters. Pattern !.! is replaced with name of file being edited.
  • Fixed bug, which caused program failure, after remote file was dropped on file in local panel (Commander interface only), which has associcated drop handler. Typical example is ZIP file in Windows XP.
  • Fixed detection of end of command output (SCP only). Among other this fixes failure, when set command is typed in console.
  • Fixed bug, which caused program termination, when editor was opened, while having selected more than one file.
  • Operation progress window is updated more frequently during file transfer.
  • “Hourglass” mouse cursor is used even for SFTP operations.
  • Key del works properly in internal editor, even when no text block is selected.

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