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WinSCP 3.5.6


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WinSCP 3.5.6  Change Log

  • Default drag&drop operation, when transferring to local directory, is “copy”, when shells extension is used.
  • When session is closed as result of Disconnect when operation finishes option, the message dialog asks whether to close whole application or not. The confirmation may be turned off forcing application to close immediately.
  • Bug fix: When dropping on local directory with right mouse button, menu is displayed allowing to choose copy or move operation. The selected operation was ignored.
  • WinSCP checks for correct version of translation plugin.
  • When uninstalling user has option to cleanup the data stored by WinSCP.
  • File permissions are set explicitly after upload. It should fix problem on some SFTP servers that do not update permisions, when file existed already before transfer, but with other permissions.
  • For SFTP, when Set permissions is off, resume support is enabled and target file already existed, then permissions of the original file are applied to uploaded file after it is renamed from temporary filename (.filepart extension).
  • Option Closing session on confirmation box of Preferences dialog renamed to more appropriate Exiting application.
  • WinSCP now supports translation to languages unknown to Windows (Esperanto particularly).
  • Bug fix: Pageant and PuTTYgen components in setup application were switched.
  • Bug fix: When moving remote files to other directory, the file names were not displayed on progress dialog.

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