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WinPatrol Latest Version

WinPatrol 26.1.2013

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Jan 4, 2013
871.20 KB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

WinPatrol Popular Version

WinPatrol 11.1 2007

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5.37 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
WinPatrol 4.0 Add info741.95 KB
WinPatrol 5.1 Add info761.96 KB
WinPatrol 5.2 Add info762.19 KB
WinPatrol 6.5 Add info771.49 KB
WinPatrol 7.0 Add info779.05 KB
WinPatrol 7.01May 5, 2004785.07 KB
WinPatrol 8.0.10 Add info868.12 KB
WinPatrol Add info879.47 KB
WinPatrol 8.1.20 Add info880.84 KB
WinPatrol 9.0 Add info0.99 MB
WinPatrol 9.0.03 Add info0.98 MB
WinPatrol 9.1 Add info0.99 MB
WinPatrol 9.5 Add info1.05 MB
WinPatrol Add info1.05 MB
WinPatrol 9.7.40 Add info1.05 MB
WinPatrol 9.8 Add info1.05 MB
WinPatrol Add info1.05 MB
WinPatrol 9.800 Add info1.05 MB
WinPatrol 10.0.01 Add info1.03 MB
WinPatrol 10.0.5Oct 9, 20065.41 MB
WinPatrol 10.01 Add info1.59 MB
WinPatrol 10.03 Add info1.03 MB
WinPatrol 11.0.01 Add info1.59 MB
WinPatrol 11.0.03 Add info662.77 KB
WinPatrol 11.1 2007 Add info5.37 MB
WinPatrol 11.01.2007 Add info5.37 MB
WinPatrol 12.1 2007.5 Add info673.22 KB
WinPatrol 12.2.2007 Add info675.20 KB
WinPatrol 14.0.2007 Add info689.80 KB
WinPatrol 14.0.2007.1 Add info689.80 KB
WinPatrol 15.0.2008 Add info705.64 KB
WinPatrol 15.5.2008 Add info709.47 KB
WinPatrol 15.9.2008 Add info708.80 KB
WinPatrol 15.9.2008.1 Add info708.96 KB
WinPatrol 15.9.2008.5 Add info709.36 KB
WinPatrol 16.0.2009.0 Add info866.48 KB
WinPatrol 16.0.2009.1 Add info866.46 KB
WinPatrol 16.0.2009.2 Add info866.38 KB
WinPatrol 16.0.2009.5 Add info713.14 KB
WinPatrol 16.0.2009.6May 31, 2009713.14 KB
WinPatrol 16.1.2009.0 Add info714.48 KB
WinPatrol 16.1.2009.1 Add info714.61 KB
WinPatrol 17.0 2010Oct 14, 20090.95 MB
WinPatrol 17.0.2010.0 Add info0.95 MB
WinPatrol 18.0.2010.0 Add info1.00 MB
WinPatrol 18.1May 31, 20101.00 MB
WinPatrol 18.1.2010.0 Add info1.00 MB
WinPatrol 19.0.2010.0 Add info0.96 MB
WinPatrol 19.1.2010.0 Add info763.36 KB
WinPatrol 19.1.2010.1 Add info762.36 KB
WinPatrol 19.3.2010.0 Add info757.86 KB
WinPatrol 19.3.2010.1 Add info757.36 KB
WinPatrol 19.3.2010.2Nov 14, 2010757.36 KB
WinPatrol 19.3.2010.5 Add info757.36 KB
WinPatrol 20.0.2011.0 Add info779.36 KB
WinPatrol 20.0.2011.1 Add info779.86 KB
WinPatrol 20.0.2011.2 Add info779.36 KB
WinPatrol 20.5.2011.0 Add info802.57 KB
WinPatrol 24.0.2012.1Dec 29, 2011815.07 KB
WinPatrol 24.1.2012Jan 31, 2012839.07 KB
WinPatrol 24.1.2012.0 Add info839.07 KB
WinPatrol 24.3.2012Feb 24, 2012820.57 KB
WinPatrol 24.3.2012.0 Add info820.57 KB
WinPatrol 24.5.2012.0 Add info821.07 KB
WinPatrol 24.5.2012Mar 25, 2012821.07 KB
WinPatrol 24.6.2012Apr 15, 2012834.07 KB
WinPatrol 24.6.2012.0 Add info834.07 KB
WinPatrol 25.0.2012Jul 8, 2012864.20 KB
WinPatrol 25.0.2012.0 Add info864.20 KB
WinPatrol 25.0.2012.5Jul 13, 2012864.70 KB
WinPatrol 25.01.2012Jul 11, 2012864.70 KB
WinPatrol 25.6.2012.0Sep 19, 2012847.20 KB
WinPatrol 25.6.2012.1Sep 20, 2012846.70 KB
WinPatrol 26.0.2013.0 Add info849.70 KB
WinPatrol 26.0.2013Dec 10, 2012849.70 KB
WinPatrol 26.1.2013.0 Add info871.20 KB
WinPatrol 26.1.2013Jan 4, 2013871.20 KB

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WinPatrol Description

WinPatrol monitors and exposes adware, keyloggers, spyware, worms, cookies, and other malicious software. WinPatrol's goal is to help you better understand what programs are running on your computer and to alert you to any new programs added without your permission. Unlike traditional security programs, WinPatrol doesn't scan your hard drive searching for previously identified threats. Instead, it uses a heuristic behavioral approach, taking a snapshot of your critical system resources, then alerting you to any changes that occur without your knowledge.

Certain features include:

  • Removing and Disabling Startup Programs
  • IE Helpers, Browser Helper Objects, Toolbars
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Services Manager
  • Expose Hidden Files
  • Options - Host File/Start Page Monitoring

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