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WinPatrol 19.3.2010.2


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WinPatrol 19.3.2010.2  Change Log

  • WinPatrol 19.3.2010.2
    Removed debug message that appeared when programs are removed. Fixed issue when some valid username/codes were not accepted.
  • WinPatrol 19.3.2010.1
    Fixed problem finding the cookie folder on Windows XP systems Prevent main interface from opening on startup when not requested
  • WinPatrol 19.3.2010.0
    Fixed bug preventing activation on machines with stubburn firewalls Fixed bug causing WinPatrol's tabbed interface to open on reboot Enhanced abilable to find proper cookie folder Fixed bug in 64 bit systems that did not display all disabled Startup items and IE Helpers.
  • WinPatrol 19.2.2010.1
    Fixed bug on 64 bit systems that hide Disabled Startup items and some IE Helpers.
  • WinPatrol 19.1.2010.1
    * Due to an increased number of illegal versions of WinPatrol being distributed on torrent and keygen sites this version has been enhanced to make it easier for legitimate users to activate their PLUS code. While legitimate users will have easier access, illegal users will be encouraged to upgrade.

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