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Ad aware


Ad aware Latest Version

Ad aware 080506

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2.72 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

Ad aware Popular Version

Ad aware 6.1

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1.68 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Ad aware 1.05 Add info2.51 MB
Ad aware 1.06May 27, 20052.72 MB
Ad aware 1.06r1 Add info4.63 MB
Ad aware 3.5 Add info261.42 KB
Ad aware 4.0 Add info593.87 KB
Ad aware 4.5 Add info659.66 KB
Ad aware 4.6 Add info640.46 KB
Ad aware 5.5 Add info838.22 KB
Ad aware 5.6 Add info862.69 KB
Ad aware 5.7 Add info856.63 KB
Ad aware 5.62 Add info833.98 KB
Ad aware 5.71 Add info881.17 KB
Ad aware 5.81 Add info867.00 KB
Ad aware 5.82 Add info872.73 KB
Ad aware 5.83 Add info871.83 KB
Ad aware 6 Add info1.47 MB
Ad aware 6.1 Add info1.68 MB
Ad aware Add info92.85 MB
Ad aware Add info119.87 MB
Ad aware Add info127.39 MB
Ad aware Add info126.91 MB
Ad aware Add info124.85 MB
Ad aware Add info124.32 MB
Ad aware Add info117.82 MB
Ad aware Add info120.77 MB
Ad aware 9.6Mar 7, 201211.84 MB
Ad aware 9.6.0 Add info11.48 MB
Ad aware 14, 20125.71 MB
Ad aware 19, 20125.71 MB
Ad aware 26, 20125.88 MB
Ad aware 29, 20125.89 MB
Ad aware 9, 20125.95 MB
Ad aware 10, 20125.95 MB
Ad aware Add info5.95 MB
Ad aware Add info4.37 MB
Ad aware Add info5.22 MB
Ad aware Add info17.48 MB
Ad aware 19, 201217.49 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta Add info12.41 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta 2 Add info12.45 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta 3 Add info13.00 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta 4 Add info12.94 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta 5 Add info13.15 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta 6 Add info13.97 MB
Ad aware 2007 beta 7 Add info15.70 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info17.22 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info17.07 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info17.31 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info20.06 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info17.15 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info17.33 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info18.26 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info18.95 MB
Ad aware 2007 AprilApr 1, 20074.12 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info19.94 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info20.23 MB
Ad aware 2007 Add info18.84 MB
Ad aware 2007 (updated) Add info17.34 MB
Ad aware 2008 beta Add info15.25 MB
Ad aware 2008 beta Add info15.43 MB
Ad aware 2008 Add info22.70 MB
Ad aware 2008 Add info18.27 MB
Ad aware 2009 Add info32.94 MB
Ad aware 2009 Add info35.72 MB
Ad aware 2009 Add info87.11 MB
Ad aware 2009 Add info58.04 MB
Ad aware 2009 Add info73.52 MB
Ad aware 070605 Add info2.72 MB
Ad aware 080506 Add info2.72 MB

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Ad aware Description

Ad-aware scans your memory, registry, and hard drives for software components from Alexa, Aureate, Comet Cursor, Cydoor, Doubleclick, DSSAgent,EzUla, Expedioware, EverAd, Flyswat, Gator, Gratisware, HotBar, OnFlow, TimeSink, Transponder, Web3000, Webhancer, and more. Ad-aware then displays a list of detected spyware modules, Registry keys, files, and folders, and allows you to remove them from your system selectively.

If you have an older version of Ad-aware, it is important that you download the latest referencefile in order to remove as many spyware components as possible.

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