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The Bat! Home Edition 5.3.4  Change Log

# New features
- Added the support for PGP 10.0.2
- Added a new item "Workspace" to the Main Menu
- The "Mark replied messages as read automatically" option has been added to the account's properties and set as default for the new accounts
# Improvements
- The Bat! now adds SmimeCapailities attribute to signed messages
- Message Search now starts from the latest messages in the local folders
- Messages about invalid Regular Expressions in the sorting rules are now stored in the account log and a warning is given when a filter contains wrong Regular Expressions
- Read Filters are now executed in an additional thread (in order to reduce workload on the main thread)
- The "AFTER" condition is placed before the "BEFORE" condition in the Message Finder dialogue (to specify date interval more naturally)
- Message Dispatcher: Creation Date/Time is now shown accordingly to the message list settings
- Fixes in the HTML Viewer form (the settings description was not visible)
- "Check for updates when The Bat! starts" option has been moved from the stand-alone tab in the "Preferences" dialog to the "Confirmations" section
- Better handling of additional mouse buttons
- A note was added to the "Shortcut Editor" dialogue that only one shortcut per item is supported (Toolbar2000 limitation)
- When a message is created from an address book, the Subject field is focused by default, if that field is empty; if the Subject is not empty (e.g. filled by a template), then the message body is focused
- Separate settings for the Quick Reply pane in additional message viewers
- IMAP. A folder should be unsubscribed before deletion (some servers are known to keep subscription for the deleted folders)
- IMAP. More smart algorithm to determine UIDs of appended messages in the absence of the UIDPLUS extension
# Fixes
- When an IMAP folder's cache was checked for integrity, partially loaded messages were generating errors
- IMAP. Remotely stored viewable attachments were not shown as tabs
- IMAP. "Access Violation" error message when trying to view a message containing an image as the sole element of structure (message has Content-Type: image/*)
- IMAP. The "BEFORE" and "AFTER" criteria produced an invalid "SEARCH" command
- IMAP. Some filter actions could not be executed, if a message was stored remotely (full message had to be downloaded into the local cache)
- "Access Violation" error message when closing the "Select folders" dialogue for virtual folders (if nothing was selected in folder tree)
- When Microsoft CryptoAPI implementation was used for TLS, and a certificate did contain multiple hosts, The Bat! took only one host
- White-space characters must be skipped in BASE64-encoded message part
- Message Source Viewer was not using colours from the Preferences
- "Copy folder columns settings" was working only if a View Mode was associated with a folder
- Original messages were not marked as read when they were replied to
- Source View was not decrypting message source in the OTFE mode
- The "Limit first column auto-expansion" option was not working in threaded message lists
- Folder maintenance could not be stopped
- Sometimes The Bat! did import Microsoft Outlook messages without attachments
- It was not possible to define delivery type for forwarding several messages to the same address(es)
- Multiple messages to the same address were forwarded with the source messages attached
- Warning about group deletion if a group contained only one message displayed as the root of a tree branch
- The Bat! didn't check for updates at start-up even when this option was configured ON
- Some valid JPEG images were reported as damaged on image tab
- Images with internally unsupported formats were reported as damaged
- Accelerator "R" was used for several fields in "Search And Replace" dialog
- It wasn't possible to use macros in account name portion of folder path in "move/copy" filter action
- Wrong "Reply-To" header when a message was sent after editing it "as new"
- Possible errors caused by the deletion of a View Mode, when it was used in a visible message list
- Sometimes the "Read filters" could not be triggered
- The default external image download rule was always reset to "Reject unknown" after the programme restart, if no additional rules were defined

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