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The Bat! Home Edition 5.0.36 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

The Bat! Home Edition 5.0.36  Change Log

- "Print Preview" - big icon
- It is now possible to enable/disable prompt on printing of multiple messages
- "Messages header" hint design was changed
- URL Hints were redesigned
- "Mark as not Junk" is now moving messages from Junk folder to Inbox as in versions before v5
- Scheduler event could not be auto-deleted after execution
- IMAP. Fixed bug with some servers returning 0 as UIDNEXT (resulting infinite counter update)
- Changed https to http, now redirecting on the techsupport site works properly
- Command line parameter /EXIT does not start program termination before command line processing is finished anymore
- The "&" characters in IMAP folder names are now rendered properly
- Preferences "HTML Viewer" was translated
- Mark as Junk (Mark as Not Junk) cannot raise "List index out of bounds" exception anymore
- Fixed memory corruption when task is executed very fast (short tasks like "Mark message as read")
- Non-MIME forwarding of multiple messages to a single address is not processing wrong messages anymore
- Message list item at start of a branch is now updated immediately when messages are grouped by subject/sender/recipient
- Change of message's colour group while viewing a Virtual Folder is shown immediately
- Problems with HTML message display solved
- IMAP. Appended messages are now fetched from server and cannot be implicitly modified ("Sizes differ!!" error when moving messages between accounts)
- Added right mouse button menu in the message redirect dialogue's address part
- When multiple messages are forwarded, the body does not disappear anymore
- Fixed bug that caused lost spaces in some ill-formed HTML messages
- Fixed problem that did not permit connecting to "localhost" (cannot correctly resolve this host name)
- Message list now supports Quick Search and filtering that uses Unicode characters
- Forwarding multiple messages to a single address from a Common Folder is working correctly
- Fixed "Connection failed" error when failed to connect to the first address of the host with multiple addresses
- Fixed problem when a default account was used without trying to find the most suitable one when replying to messages from Common Folders
- Fixed problems when parent was changed for a newly created folder

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