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The Bat! Home Edition 5.2  Change Log

# New features
* New filter action – "Clear all tags"
* Added profiles for re-filtering a folder
* Filter action to add/delete addresses to/from address book can now extract target addresses from message body with template
* It is now possible to quick-search folders in the folder selection dialogue
* Nickname/Handle from Address Book can be used in TO parameter of /MAIL switch in command line
* Nickname/Handle from Address Book is automatically expanded when used in address macros (TO, CC, ...) in templates
* Added folder set tabs in the folder selection dialogue
* Option to wrap text in "Plain text (Windows)" editor
# Improvements
* "Paste as plain text" option added to popup in the Edit Mail Message Form
* System folders (Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc.) can have their own settings for templates, deletion etc.
* Now if files are dropped onto an Address History item, the editor uses the corresponding e-mail address as the destination
* Some visual fixes in "View Mode Setup"
* Empty lines are now correctly displayed in POP.log and SMTP.log
* Double clicking on a list column separator expands column to fit its contents
* When an account is created by selecting folder in MAIL folder, the account name and home directory are automatically filled
* Image content is used to determine real image type (for example, name has PNG extension but there is GIF image inside)
# Fixes
* View Mode option "Expand All Threads" cannot be ignored during changing threading or switching between View Modes anymore
* Temporary files are now deleted after auto-save in the message editor
* Deletion of common folders could sometimes give an Access Violation error
* Large folders are not opened slowly on Windows XP anymore
* Message create/receive time is correctly displayed without degrading folder loading performance
* Fixed a bug when only the first message was used for checking against filter condition when a filter was applied to several selected messages using Hotkey
* Text settings like Date/Time separator are now retrieved correctly from the system's registry if the text is one character long
* Message list cannot lose changes made by incoming filters anymore (setting color group in IMAP folder for incoming messages wasn't visible before refreshing folder)
* Fixed stack overflow when trying to parse malicious or malformed HTML with too many nesting tags
* Fixed problem with wrong timezone offset in new message header if "(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London" timezone is used in daylight saving time
* "Resend" message action now uses "Delivery type" option in "Account Properties" to send message immediately or put it in Outbox
* Fixed "-ERR Invalid command" response from POP3 server when opening message in Dispatcher
* Fixed an AV when trying to save attachment by drag-and-dropping it from message stored on HDD (anti-virus check enabled)
* Application does not freeze when doing mass mailing of big messages anymore
* Solved the problem that appeared when copying/moving several messages between folders of the same Gmail account
* File selection dialog does not hide current window – message editor or address book – anymore
* Fixed memory corruption if Message Finder was closed when searching was in progress
* Solved the problem when System Hotkey "Open MailTicker messages" did not bring opened message to front on Windows XP
* Fixed possible deadlock when updating counters for IMAP folder
* Fixed the problem with certain graphics that could not be accessed in tabs
* Solved possible access violations related to logging subsystem
* Fixed reported errors on some received S/MIME messages that were encrypted by weak keys

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