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Skype  Change Log

New Features

  • Improved video quality in low bandwidth conditions
  • Skype now supports 720p video calls with the new encoding web-cameras that will available soon
  • Incoming authorization requests are now shown when a users returns to Skype after having been away for a while
  • The Video call button is now always visible, even if there isn't a web camera detected.
  • The default privacy settings for Instant Messages changed from "anyone" to "people in my contact list only"
  • Improved contact importers
  • Improved the localization of Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese

Fixed Issues

  • Holding and resuming a video call sometimes caused a black screen to appear instead of the actual video.
  • An Asus GSB virtual video device used for capturing a screen caused Skype to freeze when attempting to make a call.
  • Skype rarely crashed when clicking the "show messages from" button during a video call.
  • Video froze on specific hardware for user.
  • An incoming call from a mobile to an online number was not mapped to the Skype contact that the mobile number was saved for.
  • When user received a call and wanted to transfer the call to a Skype contacts phone number, the number could be selected from the drop-down menu, but the call still went through to the contact's Skype account.
  • Users on the "lite version of Skype" were displayed as "Unknown" in Conference calls.
  • The "Learn about call quality" section was empty when viewing the client in Portuguese Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • A big 'Test now' button that was displayed during a call, did not work.
  • The Call Quality Indicator showed a misleading message: "Your speakers seem to be working fine".
  • The Call Quality Indicator displayed an empty message about the computer speed whit computer that ran on batteries.
  • Skype sometimes displayed double call failure messages. For example when a user had no credits and a slow computer while making a call to a phone.
  • The Call Quality Indicator showed the webcam quality for phone contacts.
  • When screen sharing in full screen mode the Screen sharing cursor sometimes blinked.
  • It was possible to start screen sharing while a call was on hold.
  • The online presence status was not accessible when using screen readers.
  • It was not possible to access all the items on the welcome screen when using a keyboard.
  • Browsing the 'Getting started Wizard' with a keyboard was not working properly.
  • The keyboard command 'alt+spacebar' did not respond correctly.
  • Dragging and dropping contacts to the contact categories sometimes caused user interface distortion.
  • It was sometimes not possible to scroll in the conversation list with mouse.
  • When hovering over the file transfer icon or status text, the displayed tooltip wasn't updated.
  • When changing the language while being on the history panel, not all text was changed to the new language.
  • Emoticons were not animated in the emoticon selection list.
  • The notification count indicator changed only when the notification tab was opened while being in the 'Do not disturb' mode.
  • Online notifications were blinking when more than three contacts came online at the same time.
  • The contact phone number dropdown menu showed question marks in non-Latin languages.
  • The 'get new pictures' link was being re-directed to the English language webpage.
  • Skype's audio settings were sometimes being reset after Skype was restarted.
  • Sent SMS' showed the Skype username instead of the phone number.
  • The installer sometimes didn’t install or even offered to install the Firefox browser plug-in even though Firefox was installed on a users computer.
  • With Internet Explorer it was possible to open multiple settings dialogs by
  • clicking on the toolbar button several times.
  • With Internet Explorer it was impossible to open the settings dialog on some websites where phone number recognition is blocked.
  • With Internet Explorer the phone number dropdown appeared in the wrong position.
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox web pages with very high number of phone numbers some times made the browser freeze and certain phone numbers would appear to be free even though they were not.
  • The tooltip for free phone numbers was wrong on Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • With Internet Explorer and Firefox, when sending an SMS message to a recognized Outlook contact a call was initiated instead of an SMS message.
  • Phone numbers were sometimes being duplicated on certain pages, highlighting appeared twice for the same number.
  • Viewing videos from a contacts profile view gave an error message.
  • In Russian the Welcome screen was not aligned properly.
  • Skype displayed Disk IO error when the data directory was in the read only folder.

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