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Skype  Change Log

  • feature: Add SMS button to Contact Card
  • feature: Remember SMS window size after resizing
  • feature: Add offline message hint to SMS
  • change: Changes to existing help messages
  • change: Voicemail time settings incorrectly saved sometimes
  • change: Outlook contacts were not shown in All Contacts group
  • change: Removed animated emoticons from SMS
  • change: Buttons changed in SMS windows
  • change: Manage API access option not activated if option dialog open
  • change: Hangup sound was played when in DND mode
  • change: Updated installer language files
  • change: Status icon removed from search window
  • bugfix: Call quality web links were not working
  • bugfix: Price precision in Skype client was invalid
  • bugfix: There was no Promote Add to Contacts window after finishing call
  • bugfix: Incorrect behavior when leaving a Shared Group
  • bugfix: Country drop-down should be grayed out when entering + in textbox
  • bugfix: ‘Picture belongs to another user’ dialog missing full name value
  • bugfix: Add possibility to edit SkypeOut number
  • bugfix: File transfer sometimes froze after restart
  • bugfix: Was impossible to rename contact in chat window
  • bugfix: Search window looked ugly when Korean language chosen
  • bugfix: Spain Info icon was misplaced on Call tab
  • bugfix: Deleted SMS entry reappeared in History tab after Skype restart.
  • bugfix: There were redraw issues of the call button when mouse was at a specific location and you typed into the call bar
  • bugfix: Impossible to reset default ring tones
  • bugfix: Localized alphabetical order of country list now in Predictive Dialer
  • bugfix: Elements did not update on dial pad when language was changed
  • bugfix: Impossible to copy URLs from end of multiline chat messages
  • bugfix: There was sometimes an ‘access violation’; error after accepting new contact in shared group.
  • bugfix: Contact name not displayed in some cases for SMS
  • bugfix: When dialing an emergency number wrong dialog was displayed
  • bugfix: Changed call quality tip layout
  • bugfix: Possible to start calling from an offline state
  • bugfix: Message about blocking a user was not displayed
  • bugfix: Message \"this person has left the group\" appears on top of numbers when someone leaves a shared group
  • bugfix: Country drop-down not disabled if it matches what the user is typing
  • bugfix: 011 cannot act as international prefix for South Korea
  • bugfix: API: Commands SET CALL SEEN and SET CALL JOIN_CONFERENCE caused Skype crash
  • bugfix: API: Skype crashed if a call\'s property was asked while there had been calls made with earlier 2.5 version
  • bugfix: API: Not possible to resume call by SET CALL STATUS INPROGRESS
  • bugfix: SkypeOut customer feedback changed to https

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