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Skype  Change Log

  • feature: Calling support for MySpace with Skype users
  • improvement: Relayed file transfer speed improved to up to 70 kbytes/sec
  • improvement: More stable video calls between fast and slow internet connection users
  • change: Computers with Dual Core CPU\'s will send 640x480 by default on video call with High Quality Video certified cameras
  • change: Extras Manager updated to version
  • change: Skype Internet Explorer plugin updated to
  • bugfix: Fixed some crash bugs related to video and audio calls
  • bugfix: Skype crashed when extensively changing video options
  • bugfix: Audio settings change during call in Sound Settings Widget was not remembered
  • bugfix: List index out of bounds error on sound settings
  • bugfix: Wrong dialog displayed when sending file through chat window
  • bugfix: Error Invalid argument to date encode displayed on some rare cases
  • bugfix: Connection Wizard started in English, even if it was localized
  • bugfix: Call Forwarding \"Saving New Settings\" animation layout was misaligned
  • bugfix: Wrong error message displayed when sending file to Skype Out contact
  • bugfix: Video Mood message displayed wrongly if message included emoticons
  • bugfix: Handling Skype URI\'s returned error during logging in.
  • bugfix: Chat button on taskbar stopped flashing when contact online status changed
  • bugfix: Chat message copy-paste lost line breaks
  • bugfix: When adding numbers to mood message during call then tones were heard
  • bugfix: Pressing space on Take Video Snapshot window took empty snapshot
  • bugfix: Some advanced options not accessible via tab browsing
  • bugfix: It was unable to copy Skype Out contact number from profile
  • bugfix: \"Take Video Snapshot\" window was not browsable with tab
  • bugfix: Skype crashed when adding unknown PSTN number to conference call
  • bugfix: Wrong video error message was displayed when no webcam were connected
  • bugfix API: Skype4com did not reset correctly AudioIn and AudioOut
  • All language files updated

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