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ratDVD Latest Version

ratDVD 0.78.1444

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4.51 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

ratDVD Popular Version

ratDVD 0.77.1509

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4.01 MB
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Software VersionRelease DateSize
ratDVD 0.7.1239 Add info3.86 MB
ratDVD 0.75.1331 Add info3.98 MB
ratDVD 0.75.1333 Add info3.98 MB
ratDVD 0.76.1408 Add info4.00 MB
ratDVD 0.77.1506 Add info4.01 MB
ratDVD 0.77.1509 Add info4.01 MB
ratDVD 0.78.1444 Add info4.51 MB

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ratDVD Description

ratDVD is a highly compressed file type, containing all the contents of a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) movie. Files compressed by ratDVD are usually one to two gigabytes in size. It is currently available only for the Microsoft Windows Operating system.

ratDVD works by compressing a full DVD into a .ratDVD file and then playing its contents by decompressing the file and using a DirectShow-compatible DVD player.

ratDVD was only a preview version of the now commercially sold fluxDVD. While ratDVD contained the features that allowed the home user to create their own archived DVDs, this function has been removed from fluxDVD, allowing only content owners to make and sell fluxDVD archives.


DVDs usually contain true anamorphic video. This means that the DVD Player, knowing the aspect ratio of the connected display, prepares the signal for an optimal viewing experience. Thus, ratDVD has:

* Support for 16:9, 4:3, Pan and scan, WideScreen and Letterbox screen ratios
* Seamless branching for interactive content.
* Multiple video angles.
* Reliable high quality encoding (Although reduced from DVD quality - See section "Criticism" below)
* Very fast and high quality video engine - optimized for DVD input video and transcoding.
* Special video encoding format allows free binary distribution, avoiding licensing issues with typical MPEG-2 and/or MP3 patents.


ratDVD allows for:

* Keeping the original 5.1 soundtracks or transcoding it into multiple channel virtual surround.
* Support for multiple Audio tracks.
* Transcoding of PCM audio to Dolby.
* Defined audio formats.
* Using the Dolby format, resulting in no loss of quality when the DVD is rebuilt.


ratDVD can preserve the full subtitle packs from DVDs, for example:

* Up to 32 sub picture tracks for different languages and hearing impaired.
* Visual commentary features (e.g. Ghost Busters).
* Animated anecdotes (e.g. Back to the future).


ratDVD preserves:
* Support for all menus (Root menu, Title menu, Audio menu, Subpicture).
* Retaining of random playback and user interaction (e.g continue after menu).
* Direct title and chapter selection .
* Seamless branching, alternating stories, etc.
* Parental levels.
* User prohibitions.
* Call functions.


ratDVD is designed to offer high compatibility:

* ratDVDs can be converted back to full size, full featured DVDs compatible with any player.
* Double clicking a ratDVD file allows playback in Media player (or Zoomplayer, MPC, etc.) with the complete DVD feature set.

ratDVDis property of RatDVD.CA.

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