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GoldWave Latest Version

GoldWave 5.68

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Jan 26, 2013
7.58 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

GoldWave Popular Version

GoldWave 5.24

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Apr 30, 2008
2.47 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
GoldWave 2.1 Add info275.09 KB
GoldWave 2.12 Add info277.18 KB
GoldWave 3.03 Add info453.45 KB
GoldWave 4.26 Add info845.71 KB
GoldWave 5.06 Add info1.59 MB
GoldWave 5.10Feb 17, 20051.76 MB
GoldWave 5.12Nov 18, 20051.81 MB
GoldWave 5.13Apr 11, 20062.45 MB
GoldWave 5.14Jun 12, 20062.25 MB
GoldWave 5.16Oct 31, 20062.26 MB
GoldWave 5.17Nov 14, 20062.26 MB
GoldWave 5.18Dec 20, 20062.27 MB
GoldWave 5.19Feb 28, 20072.32 MB
GoldWave 5.20Apr 19, 20072.39 MB
GoldWave 5.22Oct 17, 20072.47 MB
GoldWave 5.23Jan 30, 20082.47 MB
GoldWave 5.24Apr 30, 20082.47 MB
GoldWave 5.25May 6, 20082.47 MB
GoldWave 5.50May 7, 20093.38 MB
GoldWave 5.51May 8, 20093.38 MB
GoldWave 5.52May 15, 20093.38 MB
GoldWave 5.53Oct 2, 20093.22 MB
GoldWave 5.54Oct 5, 20093.22 MB
GoldWave 5.55Nov 5, 20093.23 MB
GoldWave 5.56May 12, 20103.44 MB
GoldWave 5.57Jun 24, 20103.53 MB
GoldWave 5.58Aug 25, 20103.53 MB
GoldWave 5.65Dec 6, 20116.17 MB
GoldWave 5.66Jan 19, 20126.37 MB
GoldWave 5.67Mar 21, 20126.40 MB
GoldWave 5.68Jan 26, 20137.58 MB

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GoldWave Description

GoldWave is a feature-rich commercial digital audio editing software developed by GoldWave Inc.

GoldWave is the most advanced and complete audio editor available. It includes all of the common audio editing commands and effects, plus powerful built-in tools such as a batch processor/converter, a CD reader, and audio restoration filters. Comprehensive, easy to use, and efficiently engineered, GoldWave offers the best value in audio editing software. With over 10 years of development and widespread usage, it has an excellent and unmatched track record.

GoldWave's Features

  • Fast, high-quality, non-destructive editing, supporting up to high quality DVD format.
  • Real-time rich-graphics visuals; such as bar, waveform, spectrogram, spectrum, VU meter, etc.
  • A plethora of basic and advanced effects and filters such as noise reduction, compressor/expander, volume shaping, volume matcher, pitch, reverb, resampling, parametric EQ, etc provide functionality generally only found in very expensive audio editors.
  • Effect previewing lets you try an effect before committing to the change.
  • Effect presets let you save favorite settings combinations for later reuse.
  • DirectX Audio plug-in support provides a way to add new functions and additional file formats.
  • A huge list of supported audio file formats, including but not limited to WAV, MP3, Windows Media Audio, Ogg, FLAC, AIFF, AU, Monkey's Audio, VOX, mat, snd, voc, etc.
  • Batch processing and conversion support lets you convert a set of files to a different format and applying effects.

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