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DivX Latest Version

DivX Play 9.0.2

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59.93 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

DivX Popular Version

DivX 6.8.4

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Aug 5, 2008
19.74 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
DivX 2.6 Add info12.64 MB
DivX 3.11 AlphaMay 21, 2001700.58 KB
DivX 4.02Oct 15, 2001709.66 KB
DivX 4.11Dec 21, 2001812.95 KB
DivX 4.12Dec 31, 2000812.45 KB
DivX 5.0Mar 4, 20022.62 MB
DivX 5.0.1Apr 9, 20022.90 MB
DivX 5.0.2May 16, 20023.13 MB
DivX 5.0.5Jul 17, 20023.82 MB
DivX 5.01Apr 9, 20022.90 MB
DivX 5.1.1Nov 19, 20035.18 MB
DivX 5.02May 16, 20023.13 MB
DivX 5.2Jul 15, 20047.67 MB
DivX 5.2 Win 2KXPJul 15, 20047.67 MB
DivX 5.2 Win 98MEJul 15, 20047.58 MB
DivX 5.11Nov 19, 20035.18 MB
DivX 6.0Jun 15, 20057.41 MB
DivX 6.0.3 Add info10.61 MB
DivX 6.1Dec 13, 200514.11 MB
DivX 6.1.1 Add info14.11 MB
DivX 6.2Apr 10, 200614.84 MB
DivX 6.2.1Apr 10, 200614.84 MB
DivX 6.2.2Apr 10, 200614.84 MB
DivX 6.2.5Jun 15, 200614.34 MB
DivX 6.3Aug 4, 200614.45 MB
DivX 6.3.1 Add info11.02 MB
DivX 6.4Oct 2, 200615.19 MB
DivX 6.4.1 Add info15.43 MB
DivX 6.5Jul 30, 200714.13 MB
DivX 6.5.1Jul 30, 200714.02 MB
DivX 30, 200714.05 MB
DivX 6.6Sep 6, 200714.19 MB
DivX 6.6.1Sep 6, 200721.16 MB
DivX 6.6.2Sep 6, 200723.02 MB
DivX 6.6.3Sep 6, 200722.57 MB
DivX 6.7Jan 10, 200816.98 MB
DivX Add info22.67 MB
DivX Add info16.98 MB
DivX Add info16.94 MB
DivX 6.8May 20, 200816.28 MB
DivX Add info16.94 MB
DivX Add info16.52 MB
DivX Play Add info16.23 MB
DivX Add info16.23 MB
DivX 6.8.2Apr 8, 200815.74 MB
DivX Add info15.74 MB
DivX Play Add info15.74 MB
DivX Play Add info17.44 MB
DivX Add info17.44 MB
DivX 6.8.3Jun 6, 200819.76 MB
DivX Add info19.76 MB
DivX Play Add info19.76 MB
DivX 28, 200819.79 MB
DivX Play Add info19.79 MB
DivX 1, 200819.79 MB
DivX 6.8.4Aug 5, 200819.74 MB
DivX Play Add info19.77 MB
DivX Add info19.77 MB
DivX Play Add info19.74 MB
DivX Add info19.74 MB
DivX 6.8.5Nov 4, 200819.76 MB
DivX Add info19.76 MB
DivX Play Add info19.76 MB
DivX 7.0Dec 29, 200818.44 MB
DivX Play Add info18.44 MB
DivX Add info18.44 MB
DivX 7.1Apr 20, 200918.49 MB
DivX Play Add info18.49 MB
DivX Add info18.49 MB
DivX 7.2Oct 14, 200920.60 MB
DivX Play Add info22.70 MB
DivX 1, 200922.70 MB
DivX 8.0Apr 16, 201038.22 MB
DivX Play 8.0 Add info38.22 MB
DivX 8.0.1Jun 4, 201040.98 MB
DivX Play 8.0.1 Add info40.98 MB
DivX Play 8.1.0 Add info41.10 MB
DivX 8.1.0Jun 4, 201041.10 MB
DivX 8.1.1Aug 29, 201041.58 MB
DivX Play 8.1.1 Add info41.71 MB
DivX Play 8.1.2 Add info45.04 MB
DivX 8.1.2Apr 21, 201146.67 MB
DivX 8.2.1 Add info45.74 MB
DivX Play 8.2.1 Add info45.74 MB
DivX Play 8.2.2 Add info52.19 MB
DivX 8.2.2Feb 19, 201252.19 MB
DivX 8.2.3 Add info53.17 MB
DivX Play 8.2.3 Add info53.17 MB
DivX 9.0.0 Add info59.44 MB
DivX Play 9.0.0 Add info59.44 MB
DivX 9.0.1 Add info59.44 MB
DivX Play 9.0.1 Add info59.44 MB
DivX 9.0.2 Add info59.93 MB
DivX Play 9.0.2 Add info59.93 MB

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DivX Description

DivX is a digital video player that plays high quality videos in the DivX format along with other types such as AVI, MKV, MP4 and much more. The DivX codec compresses lengthy video files into smaller ones without changing the quality of the video. They can then be played on the DivX player or DivX Certified

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