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Google Chrome Beta  Change Log

* All Platforms
o [r24663] Closing the download shelf removes all completed and cancelled downloads from it. (Issue: 15712)
o [r24331] Fixes various audio/video events which were not firing. (Issues: 20152, 16768)
o [r24519] Saved passwords for proxy servers are now correctly labeled. (Issue: 12992)
o [r24384] Add single line of tips to New New Tab Page. (Issue: 19162)

* Extensions
o Two breaking changes (see mailing list post for more information):
+ [r24816] Enforce granular permissions
+ [r24770] Modified several APIs to be more consistent
o [r24539] Polish the look of Linux extension shelf. (Issue: 16759)
o [r24599] Polish extension install UI.
o [r24864] Allow extension toolstrip to detach. (ctrl+alt+b)
o [r24871, r24877] Polish chrome://extensions/ page. Add convenience developer tools to load an extension and pack an extension.

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