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Google Chrome Beta  Change Log

* Linux: Import passwords from Firefox. (Issue: 11191)
* On Mac use Keychain for passwords. (Issue: 11745)
* Fix regression where Omnibox would drop characters during rapid typing. (Issue: 13428)
* The web inspector is now working again. (Issue 13411)
* Fix browser hang due to plugin deadlock. (Issue: 12624)
* --enable-user-scripts is working again. (Issue 13290)
* Clicking an extension toolstrip no longer selects the first tab. (Issue 13547)
* Extension buttons now show after install (Issue 13609)
* Increase the maximum number of cookies to 3000. This matches Firefox. (Issue: 8850)
* When the contents don't have title, use URL for the name of bookmark entry. (Issue: 5965)
* Move download shelf from per-tab to per-window. (Issue: 9025)
* Improved support for Squid proxies. (Issue: 8771)
* Fixes a flash plugin hang on Google Finance ticker symbols in a background tab. (Issue: 12993)

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