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Google Chrome 23.0.1255.0 (Dev) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Google Chrome 23.0.1255.0 (Dev)  Change Log


  • Fixed a crash which occurred when scavenging sessionStorages. (Issue: 145068)
  • Packaged Apps can now request access to local media folders.


  • Fixed a bug causing Chrome shortcuts to stop working on Windows 8 after an update. (Issue: 143338)
  • Can't scroll down by entering space after switching tab when IME is enabled (Issue: 80772) 
  • Can't type Japanese/Korean into a text field in a Flash application on Window Vista/7 using MS Japanese IME and MS Korean IME (Issue: 75556)


  • Fix crash when playing video on MB retina (Issue: 141541)

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