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Google Chrome 18.0.1003.1 Dev 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Google Chrome 18.0.1003.1 Dev  Change Log

# All
* Updated V8 -
* Fixed several crashes
* When a profile is synced, use GAIA name + GAIA photo for avatar - Use Google OAuth userinfo API to get profile information
* Added support for manifest_version attribute for extensions
* Eliminate drawing glitch on WebUI radio controls.
* Fixed regression with extension omnibox API where whitespace would get trimmed
* Fix page zoom for plug-in documents
* Fix race condition in extension service that causes extensions installed
* Folders in the wrench menu and application menu are greyed out
* Better error handling in audio wave out.
* Made URL filter for web request API mandatory
* Reject weak RSA and DSA keys when validating certificate chains for HTTPS; related UI
# Windows
* Popups opened from a maximized window should now be unmaximized
* Hide panels in presence of full screen app for windows.
* Provide windows notification of thread termination
* Abort in-flight load tasks if the DB has been closed.

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