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DC++ 0.828


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DC++ 0.828  Change Log

Among a plethora of improvements and bug fixes, DC++ 0.828 includes
the following major enhancements over DC++ 0.811:

  • Expandable transfer and search lists.
  • HTTP downloads in the transfer list.
  • 64-bit version of DC++ (the installer installs it automagically).
  • Plugins are ready to go! They come packaged as .dcext files.
  • And most of all, many tweaks here and there to make your DC++
  • experience more enjoyable

Plugins can be found on the DC++ site. They are a work in progress,
but the following ones are already quite usable:

  • Chat formatting to match expressions and customize colors, etc.
  • Spellchecker, compatible with Mozilla / LibreOffice dictionaries.
  • Inserter to quickly paste test with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Script plugin to execute Lua scripts.

DC++ 0.828 corrects a few issues found in versions 0.822 & 0.825.

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