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DC++ 0.708 Beta


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DC++ 0.708 Beta  Change Log

This release's main focus is bugfixing and minor improvements. DC++ now works better with Vista, the TLS/SSL connections are improved as well. As a new feature, you now have the option to use a faster hash method.
Most of the people's requests on the community forum have been done, and we hope this new version is more close to what users have in mind for DC++.

* Added setting for max characters per tab (poy)
* [L#234458] Added "File size" and "% transferred" columns in finished windows (poy, emtee)
* Fix absent country code for IPs > in MSVC builds (poy)
* Remove useless chars in some paths that could lead to a Shell menu crash (poy)
* [L#234458] Disable some menu commands in finished windows when files don't exist (poy)
* Added option to always display tray icon and reorganized its menu
* [L#234897] Improve error message when file list is too big (thanks steven sheehy)
* [L#234529] Right-alight sizes
* [L#243908] Better nick sorting in search results (thanks emtee)
* [L#231447] Fix file list positioning from search (arnetheduck, poy)
* Fix bogus menus when they contain more than 200 dynamic items (poy)
* Shell menus are now sub-menus, loaded only when requested (poy)
* [L#243728] Make Shell menus Vista-compliant (poy)
* Don't re-log logs when opening PM windows (poy)
* [L#243201] Save excluded search terms correctly in search history (thanks emtee)
* Search spy tab highlighting (poy)
* Help updates (emtee, poy)
* Enable keyboard shortcuts in the help file (poy)
* [L#242365] Error message when getting version info fails (thanks emtee)
* [L#203763] Ctrl-A selects all list view items again (thanks poy)
* [L#245474] Error when adding multiple sources to queue (thanks emtee)
* [L#234458] "Only show fully downloaded files" check-box in the finished DL status bar (poy)
* Count transfers that have run then failed in finished windows (poy)
* [L#247038] Improve SSL connection setup
* [L#249692] Better magnet error message
* Fixed UPnP for TLS port
* [L#242329] Fix SSL assert
* [L#246080] Users with untrusted cert removed from queue
* [L#230991] Add fast hash option
* [L#217082] Remember the positions of transfers and queue splitters (poy)
* [L#251536] Fix file list columns (poy)
* [L#234527] Fix possible crash when auto-downloading ADL Search matches (poy)
* [L#239901] Fix user commands separators (poy)
* Downloaded file lists show up with their correct extension (poy)
* [L#251486] Correct $GetZBlock support announcment
* [L#228283] Sort downloads by % done when sorting by status, resort dynamically
* Up-down control in the main status bar to change upload slots (poy)
* Fix crash with the "unable to open ports" message (poy)
* Add an optional param to the /clear command that specifies the number of lines to keep (poy)
* Add line history and /ts in private message windows, just like in hub windows (poy)
* [L#255370] Fix "View as text" in own file list (thanks emtee)
* Add icons next to tab menu titles (poy)
* [L#256895] Fix behavior when starting minimized (poy)
* [L#257225] Automatch of search results always on
* [L#246596] Partial file list requests visible in download queue
* Queue frame is not marked dirty when file list finishes
* Parse %userCID when logging finished transfers (poy)
* Fix audio file type search filter (emtee)
* Updated Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian, Australian, Greek, Norwegian,
Brazilian, Russian, Lithuanian, French, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese,
Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, Romanian, Telugu, Hebrew, UK English,
Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Croatian, Italian, German, Dutch,
Serbian and Spanish translations.

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