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DC++ 0.703 Beta


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DC++ 0.703 Beta  Change Log

* Fixed invalid strings (thanks james ross)
* Reverted initial anti-flicker (needs rethinking)
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Fixed background color in settings dialog example (thanks poy)
* Fixed disappearing tooltips (thanks poy)
* Stats frame work (thanks poy)
* Appearance page font cleanup (thanks poy)
* Context menu fix (thanks poy)
* Magnet dialog fixed (thanks poy)
* Reorder some options (thanks poy)
* Allow files with $ in them (thanks ullner)
* Fixed splitter resizing
* Fixed average download speed
* Removed test entries from finished frames
* Fixed an issue with multisource downloads
* Fixed missing hubs on pub hubs reopen
* Fixed crash on setting priority on running item
* Fixed issue adc connectivity when starting for the first time
* Fixed average overall transfer speed in main status bar
* Removed max tab rows setting, won't be implemented in the near future
* Fixed text not being displayed when opening private chat
* Fixed initial focus issues
* Fixed search on enter
* Fixed window activation on toolbar click
* Fixed spyframe crash
* Fixed /fav info (thanks ullner)

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