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DC++ 0.172


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DC++ 0.172  Change Log

  • Changed so that only bz-lists can be downloaded using the extra slot (since they\'re smaller...)
  • Fixed size column in download queue
  • Added last known hub viewing for users that are offline (not saved between dc++ sessions, this would take too many resources...)
  • Added /-commands to pm windows as well (most of them anyway...)
  • Added /grant to pm window
  • Added /close to close a window
  • Added a very short /help message
  • Added latest version to about dialog box
  • Fixed windows maximization state change
  • Added an option to use system icons when browsing files
  • Added support for bzip2-compressed hub list downloading (also, the full hub list will only be available in bzip2 format to ease the load on the dc++ list server)
  • Added some info to the tooltip when dc++ is minimized to the tray (stats are for transfers only, hub traffic is not counted in...)
  • Changed the slots info at the bottom to show free slots instead of taken (to avoid confusion when viewing the search results...)
  • Added deleting from search results window (use the delete button on the keyboard...)
  • Added option not to popup a new window for pm:s (message is shown in main chat instead unless there\'s already a pm window open)
  • Added opening of previously downloaded user file lists menu option
  • Fixed some minor UI issues
  • Set default sorting to nick in the users list
  • Fixed a bug that caused some temporary files not to be deleted
  • Increased number of search results returned when searching in active mode to 10 (instead of 5...10 is much better as you can search for 10 disks at a time in a rar/ace-set), passive mode is still 5
  • Added option to automatically open an extra slot if current upload speed is less than a certain kb/sec
  • When sorting users by nick, op\'s are now put on top/bottom (ascending/descending)
  • Added automatic reindexing of file list every now and then...

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