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Vista Start Menu SE

Current Version: 3.895 | Oldest Version: 3.895

Vista Start Menu SE offers a new interface to your Start menu. More ergonomic and design, this application allows you to access your applications in a snap. Commands, options, icons, tabs and reminder ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)5,163Total Downloads 1Last Week


Current Version: 2.69 | Oldest Version: 1.0

WinAce provides a quick viewer for graphic files, HTML pages, ASCII files, and Word documents. It even has has drag-and-drop support. WinAce-Archiver is a fine utility you can use to manage all of y ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)186,726Total Downloads 1,767Last Week


Current Version: 2.29 | Oldest Version: 2.00

WinAudit is easy to use, no special knowledge is required to use the programme. It is a self-contained single file that needs no installation or configuration. It can be run from a floppy disk or USB ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)169,834Total Downloads 1,595Last Week


Current Version: 7.4 | Oldest Version: 4.5

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)388Total Downloads 0Last Week

Windows XP Powerpacker

Current Version: RC13 | Oldest Version: 1.0 RC14

Windows XP PowerPacker will help a user create a Multiboot Windows XP disk with or without DriverPacks. It will do almost everything for you, even hex edit the files needed to be hexed, create the bo ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)7,619Total Downloads 15Last Week


Current Version: Platinum | Oldest Version: 2010 Build 163

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)261Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 420 x64 | Oldest Version: 1.54

WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 15 percent more than ZIP or ARJ files. WinRAR's main features ...View More »

Rating: (2 votes)2,018,245Total Downloads 26,323Last Week


Current Version: 9.0.6028 | Oldest Version: 10.0

Download WinZip for windows on User-friendly and efficient, WinZip is one of the most reliable and comprehensive way to save compressed files.
...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)1,833,309Total Downloads 31,114Last Week


Current Version: 1.153 Build 46071 | Oldest Version: 1.127 Build 43094

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)3,034Total Downloads 0Last Week

Y'z Dock

Current Version: 0.8.3 | Oldest Version: 0.8.3

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)15Total Downloads 0Last Week

Yahoo Widget Engine

Current Version: Konfabulator 3.0 | Oldest Version: 3.0

Yahoo! Widgets is a free application platform for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The software was previously called Konfabulator, but after being acquired by computer services company Yahoo! it was r ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)38,010Total Downloads 455Last Week


Current Version: 0.99c | Oldest Version: 0.99c

YSIGet is a download manager that allows you to drag and drop YSI links to its window for fast, easy, multiple downloading without having to open additional tabs/windows. YSIGet is a very small utili ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)14,768Total Downloads 236Last Week


Current Version: 0.82 | Oldest Version: 0.82

ZBar is a utility for those who use multiple monitors. If you have a single screen, then there's nothing to see here. Move on. If you have two or more monitors, then Windows only puts the task bar at ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)8,768Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 6.3.2 | Oldest Version: 6.3.2

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)12Total Downloads 0Last Week
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