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Revo Uninstaller

Current Version: 1.94 | Oldest Version: 1.20

Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer easily! Even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from "Windows Add or R ...View More »

Rating: (1 votes)10,748Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 0.19 | Oldest Version: 0.12

Roadnav is an in-car navigation system capable of running on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Roadnav can obtain a car ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)41,053Total Downloads 1Last Week


Current Version: | Oldest Version: 1.3.2

AIRoboform AI is a password manager and web form filler that completely automates password entering and form filling. RoboformAI is a proprietary software password management program developed by Sibe ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)369,271Total Downloads 3,005Last Week


Current Version: 1.3.5 | Oldest Version: 1.1.3

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)197Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 1.64.3 Beta | Oldest Version: 1.61

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)122Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 1.5 | Oldest Version: 1.5

ScanToPDF is THE effortless way to scan to PDF - Designed to scan to pdf and work with your existing TWAIN scanner, ScanToPDF comes in two editions, perfect for Home, Office and Business Users: Basic ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)2,606Total Downloads 2Last Week


Current Version: 2.04 Basic | Oldest Version: 1.5.2

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)35Total Downloads 0Last Week

Simpo PDF to Text

Current Version: | Oldest Version:

Convert PDF to Text. ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)9,390Total Downloads 2Last Week


Current Version: XII (15.99) | Oldest Version: 2005 SR3

SiSoft Sandra is a Windows system analyzer which includes benchmarking and testing modules. It works along the lines of Norton SI/32, Discover, CheckIt, etc. However it tries to go beyond them and s ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)5,264Total Downloads 24Last Week


Current Version: 2011 build 0916 | Oldest Version: 1.0

SIW is an advanced System Information for Windows tool that analyzes your computer and gathers detailed information about system properties and settings and displays it in an extremely comprehensible ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)46,246Total Downloads 74Last Week


Current Version: 9.1.3 | Oldest Version: 10.0.0

SnagIt is a screen capture tool with many additional features making it a very useful program for editing images, capturing demo videos of your on-screen activity, organizing stored images more effici ...View More »

Rating: (1 votes)233,425Total Downloads 3,488Last Week


Current Version: 1.3.992.0 | Oldest Version: 1.1.1091 Beta

...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)221Total Downloads 0Last Week


Current Version: 1.20.446 | Oldest Version: 1.00.057 Beta

Speccy is a an advanced system information utility that provides total information about what's inside of your computer, pretty handy huh? Brought to you by the same creators of CCleaner. ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)941Total Downloads 1Last Week


Current Version: 4.47 | Oldest Version: 4.28

SpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can access digital temperature sensors and can change fan speeds according ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)29,951Total Downloads 18Last Week

Startup Cop

Current Version: 1.01 | Oldest Version: 1.01

When Windows starts up, it automatically launches a number of programs for you. Some of these come from the Startup folder. Windows also looks in six other locations for files that should be launch ...View More »

Rating: (0 votes)4,853Total Downloads 7Last Week
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