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Shareaza  Change Log

This lists the major changes between r8461 ("Release SSE2.") and r8632 ("Version bumped (SSE2)."). Note that non-informative log messages, such as "Addition to rXXXX.", "Clean-up." and similar messages have been taken out of the list. GUI

  • Added new scheduler window. (by siavoshkc) Allows a better control over what Shareaza is doing while running unattended.
  • File moving error now shows as a tray message.
  • Several icon updates.
  • Added St. Patrick's Day and NoBanner example skin.
  • Added client version to “Browse Host” window title.
  • Fixed search dialog's overlapped Shareaza logo.
  • Fixed ugly colors of highlighted icons (for example icons of Library Organizer view).
  • Fixed semi-transparent "?" under icons in Library album view.
  • Added ability to select all files in any library view by Ctrl + A keys
  • Added ability to delete ghost files by "Clear History Now" button in Settings dialog.
  • Dialog banner and Media Window logo now skinable (including their complete hiding). Some .bmp resources converted to .png ones with size reduction.
  • Fixed not fit long lines in Select dialog.
  • Fixed unused "Gnutella 1" option in Host Browse dialog, now Shareaza will ask G1-only browses under this option.
  • Media Player Settings now keep track of three external media handlers.


  • Changed chat behavior: now "away" status will not disconnect chat session. Also changed chat log formatting.
  • Fixed lost first symbol when text copied to clipboard.
  • Fixed IRC window updating after IRC settings change.
  • Changed IRC window layout (removed header for better view on small screen resolutions).
  • Added IRC user menu "Browse" item (via "USERINFO" CTCP message).
  • Implemented full URL detection in IRC window.
  • Added IRC channel list preserving even in disconnected state.
  • Added timestamps to IRC status window.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added CRichViewCtrl::GetWordFromPoint method. Extended CEmoticons::FormatText method. Changed some IRC icons.


  • G2: Added "PCH" (G2_PACKET_PEER_CHAT) packet to host browser packet flow to flag chat capabilities.
  • gnutella: Fixed maximum hits per packet (now 255, default is 64) for gnutella.
  • Gnutella: Fix not connecting to original gnutella due to stale cache as expired hosts were not being removed (r8492)
  • BitTorrent: Optimization of "Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files" (BitTorrent Specs BEP0009) by ivan386.
  • BitTorrent: Acept source without peer id + torrentless download (Forum Link) by ivan386
  • Optimise endgame piece selection and reduce download overhead while in endgame.
  • Enforced GIV/PUSH headers checks.

Crash fixes

  • Fixed crash caused by bad Chinese translation.
  • Fixed search window scroll crash.
  • Fixed crash on search window close.
  • Fixed rare crash when Uploads tip "stuck".
  • Fixed rare crash on skin change (access synchronization error).
  • Fixed rare crash on multi-file torrent reopening.
  • Fixed rare crash on multiple search preview requests.
  • Fixed rare divide-by-zero crash on upload queue rotation
  • Fixed Host Browser rare crash.

Feature/bug fixes

  • Fixed "always connected network" bug when seeded torrents present and AutoSeed option is on
  • Fixed unneeded sources addition for completed downloads.
  • Fixed potential problems found by MSVC Analyzer (including "large files" compatibility).
  • Fixed "Close after transfer complete" feature (now without disconnection).
  • Fixed avatar loading in host browse window.
  • Fix paused state of downloads not being saved when modified
  • Fix creation of zero length files when files/folders are renamed/deleted outside of Shareaza's control
  • Fixed Shareaza and plugins registration under active User Access Control (UAC).
  • Fixed Library synchronization. (on several places; also avoids some possible crashes)
  • Fixed Shareaza hibernation (added network core reconnection after resuming from suspend or hibernation).
  • RegExp stability fix. Changed insecure alloca() to more robust malloc() function.
  • Fixed missed strings for media player Speed, Volume and Position controls.
  • Added more strict checks for skins and so fixed some skins.

Internal optimizations

  • Fixed extra sources of completed but still moving downloads.
  • Eliminated unneeded source code dependencies of CBuffer, CBENode and CXML* classes to simplify its use in another projects.
  • Removed "BitTorrent.TorrentExtraKeys" option since its always "true".
  • Optimized local search engine (fixed potential crash on neighbor disconnection; removed library file metadata dependencies).
  • Implemented asynchronous searches.
  • Added plugin cache for all plugin types (earlier it was for ImageService plugins only) to improve metadata extraction speed.
  • Improved crashed plugins reload process.
  • Optimized drawing of download sources
  • Optimized fragment list traversals
  • Optimized CDownloadWithTiger::GetWantedFragmentList() function by adding cache.
  • Optimized tray icon operations.
  • Optimized download status text code (in download window and in remote interface).
  • Optimized Neighbors core (single CList<> replaced by two Cmaps<>).
  • Improved reaction speed on new hits in search window.
  • Optimized Host Cache methods.
  • Optimized packet dump window.
  • Optimized schema cache code.
  • Optimized library dictionary code (also it fixes rare Shareaza exit crash).
  • Optimized host cache code (removed extra 8 times per second checks of all G2-hosts inside Search manager). Host cache now checks by Network core and one time per minute only.Optimized network names resolver.HashLib optimization for non-assembler (including 64-bit) compilation on VS 2008.slightly redesigned and optimized queue code
  • Some optimisations were made to timing mechanism of on timer calls. Reduces CPU usage.


  • Updated save/restore scripts of Shareaza registry.
  • Updated Shareaza Chinese (Simplified) translation (by dxrayb).
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated English language files
  • Added Windows Media Player object as another MediaPlayer plugin "engine". So now it can be compiled in two different ways: with WMP or with DirectShow.
  • Fixed all translations (Dialog banner and Media Window) and added "update.cmd" script for complete rebuilding of all translations using default-en.xml and corresponding .po-files only (msgmerge.exe is a utility from Poedit application).

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