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Shareaza  Change Log

There were more than 800 changes to the source code during the 13 months since the release of v2.4.0.0. The following things were the most important changes sorted by categories: Network support

  • (New) - Added support for eD2k-client library browsing
  • (N) - Support for partial downloads and file priorization on BT
  • (N) - Added user searching for (sources of) the file by hashes of the file in all networks.
  • (Update) - eD2k Default Servers Update
  • (U) - Extended eD2k chatting support
  • (U) - Extended GGEP support (G1)
  • (U) - Extended support for G1 query hit packets (r7523,r7525, etc.)
  • (U) - Redesigned BitTorrent seeding
  • (U) - Redesigned BitTorrent tracker handling code
  • (U) - Updates to the GWC support
  • (Fix) - Fixed eD2k-server flags (large file support)

Internal and functional changes

  • (N) - Added redesigned new filesystem
  • (N) - Added deletion to RecycleBin
  • (N) - Added new VirusTotal plugin to check a file hash against the hashes of known virus files
  • (N) - Added RazaWebHook.dll ("Download with Shareaza" in IE context menu)
  • (N) - Added "shareaza://url:" pluggable protocol prefix to handle any URL by Shareaza
  • (N) - Added some file/folder sharing restrictions for known security relevant files (e.g. Windows Mail folder, Opera password manager (Wand), etc. )
  • (N) - Added support for .exe plugins.
  • (N) - Added support for very long file names on some places (library)
  • (N) - Disabling the G2 network permanently is now possible (not recommanded!)
  • (N) - Implemented [Ctrl]+[Home] and [Ctrl]+[End] for highlighted entries in downloads window (moves entry to top/end of list)
  • (N) - Implemented application auto-restart on crash under Windows Vista
  • (N) - Implemented BugTrap (easy way to generate crash reports and report crashes)
  • (N) - Media player plugin has been rewritten
  • (U) - Optimised library dictionary building and searching. Building speedup: ~120% Debug, ~300% Release. Searching speedup: ~100% Debug & Release. (What in genearaly simplified translation means that accessing the library database has been made much faster >> better performance and less CPU usage)
  • (U) - Optimized plugin loading and added descriptions and icons
  • (U) - Optimizations to Library loading (~10% faster now)
  • (U) - Updated GeoIP
  • (U) - Updates to the TorrentWizzard toolkit
  • (F) - Fixed Search Scrollbar Bug
  • (F) - Fixed "required resource unavailable" bug on Windows2000

Graphical / GUI changes

  • (N) - Added autocomplete for search boxes
  • (N) - Added G1 ultrapeer/leaf counter to Home window
  • (N) - Added Windows shell menu item to Library tree and Library organizer view
  • (N) - Made all message boxes skinnable
  • (N) - added Security Filters item to home window
  • (N) - added toolbar to security filters window
  • (U) - Redesigned download group properties dialog
  • (U) - Updated lots of icons and graphical elements
  • (U) - Extended and fixed Skin support
  • (F) - Fixed icon and string loading errors
  • (F) - Fixed fonts and text sizes at a dozen of places
  • (F) - Fixed windows flickering on resize/refresh

Updated languages:

  • (U) - Albanian (Besmir Godole)
  • (U) - Arabic (awadh)
  • (U) - Catalan
  • (U) - Dutch (RoestVrijStaal)
  • (U) - German (OldDeath)
  • (U) - Greek (idealsharer)
  • (U) - Hungarian (Yuri)
  • (U) - Italian
  • (U) - Norwegian (Glan)
  • (U) - Russian (Ryo-oh-ki)
  • (U) - Spanish

and last but not least...

  • (F+N+U) Fixed lots of minor bugs, made thousands of smaller optimizations ... and half a million of crashes that won't happen anymore ;)

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