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Shareaza Beta  Change Log

Rolandas Added comments, explaining few "magic numbers"
dirtycat Moved initialization of m_sUserAgent to just before the request is executed. This is necessary because during construction of the CHttpRequest member of the CVersionChecker class Settings.SmartAgent() returns an empty string because CShareazaApp::GetVersionNumber() hasn't yet been called to initialize CShareazaApp::m_sSmartAgent which Settings.SmartAgent() uses.
dirtycat Made download root item rows use bold font. (ref:
Rolandas Rolled back fogotten line.
Rolandas Rolled back previous changes and moved General.DebugBTSources from DownloadWithSources.cpp to CtrlDownloads.cpp
Rolandas Fixed assertion (report #27)
Rolandas Added tooltips for the long paths in QSW (ref:
Rolandas Removed unneeded return (Neglacio)
SkinVista Intelligent left margin highlights and bold font for expandable downloads.
SkinVista Basic Highlight Color Corrections.
Rolandas Small const-correctness changes
Rolandas Small const-correctness changes; Fixed high CPU usage on queue rank calculation for the query hits
SkinVista Major Skin Engine Update: 60 new named colors. All RGB values re-mapped to variables.
SkinVista Skinning: Default colors removed from Home page richdoc.
Rolandas Small fix for the previous commit
Rolandas Overlooked thing ;)
SkinVista Moving orginal ShellBase resources to Attic.
SkinVista Rating Stars Icons Updated.
dirtycat Cleaning up the Attic by removing files that weren't actually deleted.
ale5000 Blocked new chat spam
SkinVista Removed WS_THICKFRAME from Dialogs
SkinVista Temporary: Rolling back relevant code changes for one day to isolate problem.
SkinVista Restoring from temporary rollback of changes.
Rolandas Test code for the next day :p
SkinVista Skinning: Improved OutlineColour & ShadowColour Handling
SkinVista Rolled back MaximiseCrop fix until next release cycle.
Rolandas Endless loop fixed (thanks to WildCard :))
Rolandas Dialogs updated by Neglacio
SkinVista Clarified Rating Stars & Search Status Icons
Rolandas Added explanation text how to open a file in the external application.
SkinVista Skinning: Verify.Pass/Fail Renamed Seeding/Failed
wildcard_25 Trackerless bittorrent fix from CyberBob
dirtycat Changed functionality when multiple downloads are selected to use the Export URI dialog rather than a series of Copy URI dialogs.
SkinVista Protocol Icons Redrawn for Distortion Workaround. Fixed #13.
Rolandas Changed line endings
Rolandas Added .gz extension to the ignore list
SkinVista Reverted Large Logo to Remove Jpeg Artifacts
wildcard_25 Replace assembly with more efficient C++ algorithm
Rolandas Updated menus and dialogs
Rolandas Fixed internet handle locking
dirtycat Added Copy URI support to download sources.
mikewalsh Bumped version to
SkinVista Bumped manifest versions to
Rolandas Fixed incorrectly mapped japanese halfwidth sound marks
dirtycat Changed function of keyboard media volume keys to increase/decrease the volume in increments of 5 rather than 1. This makes it less tedious to adjust the volume as well as fixing a bug where the volume could get stuck at certain points due to a floating point conversion error. Fixed #45.

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