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MyDefrag 4.2.1


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MyDefrag 4.2.1  Change Log

* Fixed a bug where a StatusBar() command in a script would turn off the statusbar in the screensaver, irrespective of the choice made in the screensaver settings dialog.
* Added the script- and disk-selection menu.
* The program now remembers the size and position of the window on the screen.
* The Settings.MyD script is now always executed by the program itself, and needs no longer be called from within a script.
* Moved the translations to the Settings.MyD script, and removed the Language.MyD script.
* Hardened the screensaver against improper installations, for example when the executables have been copied to another machine (without using the MyDefrag installer).
* Fixed a bug where the program could get confused when filling a zone and start filling from the beginning of the disk, when it encountered an NTFS compressed file.
* Changed the SelectNtfsSystemFiles() so it also selects all files in all subfolders the $Extend folder. Previously it only selected files in the base $Extend folder, and only filenames than began with "$".
* Strengthened the behavior if the Microsoft defragmentation API refuses to move a file into a gap. For example the sorted placements will now skip the gap after more than 10 failures.
* The WhenFinished(shutdown) and WhenFinished(reboot) settings are no longer executed when a script is cancelled.
* Fixed a problem in the scrolling and zooming calculations.

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