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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5  Change Log

  • Thunderbird 0.5 includes Secure Password Authentication using a new cross-platform NTLM authentication mechanism for POP3 and SMTP.
  • Option to turn on the Mozilla 1.x style folder columns in Thunderbird (Tools / Options / Advanced / General Settings).
  • A new Palm Sync Address book conduit is now available for 0.5. You can now do a one way sync, PC -> Palm or Palm -> PC, by changing the hot sync conduit setup. We now prevent duplicate cards in Thunderbird address books when syncing with Palm categories. Numerous improvements with the initial sync.
  • A new, improved version of the offline extension is now available for 0.5.
  • Improved Spell Checker including a new US dictionary.
  • Ability to paste names or addresses from a spreadsheet directly into the addressing widget of a new compose window.
  • Improved profile migration from Netscape 4.x.

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