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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2  Change Log

  • Footprint and Performance: Since 0.1, we have made excellent strides in reducing code footprint and improving performance. The download file size for Windows has been reduced by 1.5MB and is substantially faster than 0.1.
  • Improved Default Theme: Arvid Axelsson continues to improve the crisp, fresh, and attractive theme based on Qute, his amazing theme for Mozilla Firebird. Updates include new icons for the options dialog, and improvements to the icons for both the mail and compose toolbars. Also added are new taskbar icons for Windows and dock icons for Mac OS X.
  • Improved Spell Checker: The spell checker now ignores quoted text when composing a reply (HTMLand plain text), and also ignores any URL inside the message body.
  • Redesigned Options Dialog: The 'Options' dialog got theme updates (see above), a streamlined 'Advanced' panel, and a new 'Attachments' panel for managing behavior when opening mail attachments.
  • Improved customization: The Compose window toolbar now supports a 'Quote' button. The Mail window toolbar now supports a 'Previous' button.
  • Improved Stability: This release is based on the Mozilla App-Suite 1.5 beta branch.

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