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LeechGet Latest Version

LeechGet 2009 Version 2.1

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2.91 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

LeechGet Popular Version

LeechGet 2006 2.0

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2.50 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
LeechGet 2.1 2009 Add info2.94 MB
LeechGet 2001 1.0 Plugin Add info706.62 KB
LeechGet 2002 1.0 Add info2.56 MB
LeechGet 2003 1.0 Add info2.39 MB
LeechGet 2004 1.10 Plugin Add info712.56 KB
LeechGet 2004 1.10 Add info2.20 MB
LeechGet 2004 1.1 Add info2.51 MB
LeechGet 2005 1.5 Add info2.85 MB
LeechGet 2006 Release 1650 Add info2.50 MB
LeechGet 2006 2.0 Add info2.50 MB
LeechGet 2007 Release 2000 Add info2.57 MB
LeechGet 2009 Version 2.1 Add info2.91 MB

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LeechGet Description

LeechGet is a download manager that uses a very nice, modern, Microsoft Outlook-like user interface and seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to easily start and manage your downloads.

In addition, LeechGet provides many features, such a automatic downloading, resume of broken downloads, a download timer, automatic hang-up and shutdown and more. A built-in web parser lets you download complete website with all images and scripts in no time. LeechGet also provides a history of your downloaded files, sorted by day, week and month. Additional features include a file drop icon, a speed monitor and much more.

LeechGet Features

* Full Internet Explorer integration; Plug-Ins for Mozilla and Opera users are available! Additionally, you can start downloads via Drag&Drop or intercept them from clipboard.
* Comfortable Wizards ensure that you get downloads done as easy and fast as possible
* Built-in download history and Traffic counter
* A speed monitor shows you the current bandwidth usage
* LeechGet allows you to specify either how much bandwidth the downloads may use all together or set values for every single download (Speed limit)
* Possibility to split downloads into smaller parts (called Tasks) to speed up transfer
* Schedule downloads for a certain time
* Web-Parser included
* LeechGet is available in over 20 languages (among others: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese...)
* A lot more features that a comfortable Download Manger simply *must* have
* Auto-Update function (for Premium users only)
* Technical Support (Premium users only)

LeechGet is property of Martin Albiez .

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