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May 4, 2011
4.95 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Dec 13, 2006
4.76 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
CloneDVD Add info2.44 MB
CloneDVD Add info3.67 MB
CloneDVD Add info3.75 MB
CloneDVD 27, 20044.20 MB
CloneDVD 19, 20044.21 MB
CloneDVD 1, 20044.19 MB
CloneDVD 12, 20044.35 MB
CloneDVD 2, 20044.46 MB
CloneDVD 4, 20044.46 MB
CloneDVD 6, 20044.46 MB
CloneDVD Add info4.49 MB
CloneDVD 25, 20044.45 MB
CloneDVD 11, 20054.51 MB
CloneDVD 15, 20054.51 MB
CloneDVD 5, 20054.54 MB
CloneDVD 12, 20054.65 MB
CloneDVD 22, 20054.69 MB
CloneDVD 7, 20055.05 MB
CloneDVD 18, 20055.05 MB
CloneDVD 12, 20055.10 MB
CloneDVD 15, 20065.13 MB
CloneDVD 16, 20065.13 MB
CloneDVD 28, 20065.14 MB
CloneDVD 22, 20065.11 MB
CloneDVD 23, 20065.11 MB
CloneDVD 29, 20065.11 MB
CloneDVD 23, 20065.11 MB
CloneDVD 15, 20064.83 MB
CloneDVD 13, 20064.76 MB
CloneDVD 20, 20074.76 MB
CloneDVD Add info4.77 MB
CloneDVD 25, 20074.80 MB
CloneDVD 1, 20074.79 MB
CloneDVD 9, 20074.79 MB
CloneDVD Add info4.81 MB
CloneDVD Add info4.83 MB
CloneDVD 12, 20084.84 MB
CloneDVD 17, 20084.86 MB
CloneDVD Add info4.91 MB
CloneDVD 13, 20094.97 MB
CloneDVD 22, 20094.93 MB
CloneDVD 15, 20104.94 MB
CloneDVD 4, 20114.95 MB

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CloneDVD Description

CloneDVD is a proprietary DVD cloning software, developed by Elaborate Bytes, that can be used to make 1:1 identical copies of any DVD movie not copy-protected (for this reason it is often used in conjunction with AnyDVD, a tool that disables any protection). The program is able to transcode a dual layer DVD movie to fit it onto a DVD-R, DVD+R or DVD+R DL (Double Layer) disc. Users also have the choice to strip audio streams, subtitles and chapters. By moving a quality bar (or by selecting a standard optical disc format) the user can make the DVD fit its target medium.

Another feature of this software is its ability to save the contents of the disc as an ISO image, or as individual DVD files (i.e. in a VIDEO_TS directory). Conversely, CloneDVD can write a DVD from an ISO image and from a directory of individual DVD files. Consequently, CloneDVD can process a folder of DVD files (i.e. on another storage medium) and convert it into an ISO image, however it cannot convert an ISO image into a directory of DVD files. CloneDVD supports DVD recording speeds of up to 16x.

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