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Dec 19, 2012
4.10 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Jan 17, 2007
895.09 KB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Hamachi 2, 2005633.59 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info762.53 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info779.79 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info779.91 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info781.08 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info781.63 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info783.78 KB
Hamachi Beta Add info846.57 KB
Hamachi 15, 2006875.19 KB
Hamachi 5, 2006878.45 KB
Hamachi 11, 2006879.92 KB
Hamachi 13, 2007895.12 KB
Hamachi 17, 2007895.09 KB
Hamachi 30, 20070.95 MB
Hamachi 9, 20070.95 MB
Hamachi 22, 20070.96 MB
Hamachi 22, 20070.96 MB
Hamachi 27, 20070.96 MB
Hamachi 12, 20070.96 MB
Hamachi 18, 20080.96 MB
Hamachi 9, 20093.10 MB
Hamachi 16, 20093.13 MB
Hamachi 9, 20093.14 MB
Hamachi 2, 20093.15 MB
Hamachi 25, 20103.15 MB
Hamachi 30, 20103.15 MB
Hamachi 6, 20103.48 MB
Hamachi 28, 20113.50 MB
Hamachi 5, 20113.59 MB
Hamachi 4, 20113.64 MB
Hamachi Add info3.64 MB
Hamachi 15, 20113.64 MB
Hamachi 6, 20123.67 MB
Hamachi 10, 20123.67 MB
Hamachi Add info3.68 MB
Hamachi 28, 20123.70 MB
Hamachi 29, 20123.70 MB
Hamachi 12, 20123.90 MB
Hamachi Add info3.90 MB
Hamachi Add info3.90 MB
Hamachi 11, 20123.91 MB
Hamachi 19, 20124.10 MB

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Hamachi Description

Hamachi is a virtual private network (VPN) shareware application which enables users to create secure networks or connect directly to networks over the internet requiring zero-configuration. It establishes connections to other computers on the network over the internet, similar to how a LAN network is connected, where you can then have access to a whole range of files through limitless peer-to-peer activity.

First released in 2006 by developers LogMeIn Inc. Hamachi developed a reputation for being simple to use, combining advanced features and technologies behind a sleek and basic user interface. From its beginning it has always been a five star application for creating virtual private networks allowing users to arrange multiple computers into one secure network opening doors to a whole range of P2P activity. The user access features allow you to control which remote users are permitted to enter your VPN with additional support for restricting remote users

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