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Hamachi  Change Log


Support for new subscription model in Hamachi for Linux

The Linux command line version now supports the new Hamachi subscription model. For information about the new subscriptions, see the LogMeIn Hamachi User Guide or check the Knowledge Base.

Support for Linux libc pre-2.7 versions

To provide better compatibility, Hamachi now supports libc versions prior to 2.7.

Automatic reconnection

The automatic reconnection method that handles network connection errors, has been improved for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients.

Automatic updates

When automatic updates are turned on, Mac, Windows, and Linux clients now check for updates automatically after they are online for a week. To turn on automatic updates on a Mac or Windows client, go to System > Preferences >Settings > Basic settings and select Enable automatic update. By default, automatic updates are turned on.

VPN alias

You can assign an IPv4 address to the peers of your network. This is useful when the application used over Hamachi requires Class C network addresses, meaning that the network prefix ( is the same, only the host identifier (the last part of the IP address) differs for every peer. This improvement affects Windows, Mac, and Linux clients.

Multicast DNS and LLMNR support

Hamachi now supports Multicast DNS (mDNS) and LLMNR to help name resolution. As of this release, you can use hostname.local or 123-456-789.local (client id) to address peers.

By default, mDNS is enabled on Windows, but disabled on Mac OSX and LINUX. To change this setting, go to System > Preferences >Settings > Advanced settings > Peer Connections > Enable mDNS name resolution.

By default, LLMNR is disabled on Windows (Vista or better), but enabled on Mac OSX and LINUX. To change this setting, go to System > Preferences >Settings > Advanced settings > Peer Connections > Enable LLMNR name resolution.


Japanese localization on Windows clients

The Manage Network menu on a Windows client did not have a shortcut due to localization issues.

Audio notification for chat messages on Windows clients

Audio notification was not played when a new chat message arrived. This error only occurred if you selected Blink the systray icon for visual notification. You can set your chat settings in System > Preferences > Settings > Advanced Settings > Chat Settings.

Downloading client updates on Windows clients

In some cases, the client found and downloaded the latest updates, but failed to install them due to an MSI installer error. As a result, the existing version of the client was restarted and, therefore, the client continuously searched for and downloaded available updates and tried to install them again. This resulted in an infinite loop of searching for and failing to install updates.

As of this result, the Hamachi client only searches for updates if it did not download updates for two hours.

Logging out on Windows and Mac

In some cases, peers did not appear offline immediately after going offline in a Hamachi network. This issue only occurred on Mac and Windows clients.

Joining and creating networks on Mac clients

After joining or creating a network from the Hamachi client, the window was only closed if you moved the mouse. To join or create a network, on the Hamachi client go to Network > Join Network or Network > Create Network.

Deploy link on Hamachi Mac clients

In version of the Hamachi Mac client, it was not possible to use a deploy link to install the client because links created on a Mac were ignored.

Reconnection issues

The following fixes have been made on Windows, Mac, and Linux clients related to reconnection:

  • In some cases, the Hamachi client did not try to reconnect after network connection loss. As of this release, the client always tries to reconnect regardless of why the connection was lost.
  • The Hamachi client tried to reconnect continuously after network connection loss. As of this release, there is a delay between two reconnection attempts.

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