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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 9


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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 9  Change Log


- Set the folder pane view mode to "All Folders" if it's not been set before because the default is "Smart Folders" and "All Folders" is more like what Classic Eudora looked like.
- The toolbar in the message header is now hidden as the buttons are redundant to the main toolbar and just take up extra space.
- Only doing FUMLUB for folders, not any other types, and more specifically not messages.
- The Message->Change->Priority menu on Mac now ensures just one item is selected.
- Hid some more menu items in the Mailboxes window that can never be used.
- The Status and Priority columns can now be resized, and their size (width) is now remembered.
- Made the right-click context menu in mail windows more similar to Classic Eudora. Added Redirect and a "Look Up Selected Text in" submenu that holds the reference/lookup items at the end of the Edit menu. Also renamed Edit as New to Send Again. Got rid of a number of items in there as well (Archive, Reply to List, Save As, and Print Preview).
- Now default Mac to 2-pane mode (Windows/Linux still defaults to 3-pane mode).
- Set the default to auto-mark-as-read immediately, but don't auto-mark previewed messages, which is the same behavior as Classic Eudora. Those who want to auto-mark previewed messages can set it to delay with a time of 0 seconds.
- Default openening mailboxes in tabs in Windows/Linux (Mac still defaults to separate windows).
- Now auto-aopening mailboxes after junk processing is done on the message, so it will no longer open up the Inbox for a message that will soon after get put in the Junk mailbox (uses msgsClassified notification rather than msgAdded). Another benefit is that it happens in batches of messages rather than one at a time so when the resulting windows open it's less disruptive.
- Fixed right-click->Show This Mailbox on a root account folder when it was already selected but not shown.
- Now using the Classic Eudora icons for the folder pane (In, Out, Junk, Trash).


- The normal/maximized/minimized state of windows are saved and restored.
- Window size and position are set on opening even if the window is going to be minimized or maximized because then it will restore to the correct position. On the saving side of things, window size and position are saved when the window is minimizaed or maximized because they will be wrong.
- Now saving the folder- and thread-pane splitter info based on the first tab in the window, not the current tab.
- Only storing thread pane settings if showing the preview pane.
- Trying to save off tabs that aren't folders or messages (e.g. Migration Assistant) was causing the session save code to fail.
- Made the session save code more robust wrt messages in tabs, as saving the state of a window with a message in a tab sometimes caused the code to fail to save the rest of the tabs in the window.


- Added a new "gear" image for menu item toolbar buttons which do not have a unique icon.
- Remove trailing elipsis from items in the menu tree of the Customize Toolbar dialog.
- Dynamically remove tree branches without subitems in the Menu tree of the Customize Toolbar dialog.
- All of the icons in the Customize Toolbar dialog seem to be displaying properly now.
- Now allowing toolbar buttons to be dragged anywhere on the Customize Toolbar dialog to remove them from the toolbar.
- Rearranged the Customize Toolbar dialog a little. Put the help text and the description side-by-side to allow more vertical space to the controls above, and have less overall unused space in the dialog. Made tree controls more narrow to give more space for items on right.
- When an item in the Customize Toolbar dilaog is selected that has no associated button (because it's either on the toolbar already or is a parent node) clear the old buttons so there aren't any remnants left and no longer show the "No toolbar item supported" description (just leave it blank).
- Added a "Blah Blah Blah" button to the list of customizable buttons for the toolbar. It does the equivalent of View->Message Source, i.e. it opens up a separate window with the raw source of the message.
- The Change Status toolbar button now works.
- Made both the Change Status and Change Priority toolbar buttons enabled/disabled based on whether or not there is a message selected.
- Fixed 'Close' toolbar button.


- Added clarification to the 'Italicize messages sent by me' option that a restart is required to take effect.
- Added ToolTips to all of the items in the Penelope preference pane.
- Added hidden settings ("penelope.mailbox.ignoreJunkColumnClick" and "penelope.mailbox.ignoreStarColumnClick") which cause clicks in these columns NOT to mark as junk or mark as starred (repectively) when the user clicks in that column. Instead the clicked row is selected. By default the Junk one is set to true and the Star one is set to false.
- Now remembering the selected tab in the Penelope Options/Preferences panel.
- Clarified setting and tooltip for "Automatically open mailboxes that receive new messages" to indicate that this is for UNREAD messages.
- Added a pref "mail.deleteMarksRead" to decide whether or not messages are marked as read when deleting. Defaulting to false for Windows and true for Mac to be consistent with Classic Eudora behavior.


- Fixed import of outgoing messages in non-Out mailboxes so that they now show up as read and sent-by-me in Eudora 8.
- Now correctly importing mailboxes/folders that have a comma in their name.
- Now including attachments from outgoing messages during import.


- "Use indexed search" in the Search Messages window is back in, and the "Search everywhere" and "Search subfolders" options can be used with it. When selecting "Use indexed search" you may need to select the "contains word" matching condition in order for the search to work properly.
- "Use indexed search" in the Search Messages window remembers its state across sessions.
- The various options in the Search Message window now show/hide themselves based on the state of the "Use indexed search" checkbox.


- In the Migration Assistant text changed "Thunderbird" and "Thunderbird 3" text to "Eudora" and "Eudora 8".
- Now using the Thunderbird routines to build the Mailbox and Transfer menus. This fixes the problem with some items not showing up in those menus and they will look like the other places that have similar usage (e.g. right-click context menu->Move To in message and mailbox windows).
- Added Wikipedia as a default Selected Text URL item.
- Format->Increase/Decrease Indent on composition windows were showing the accelerators of Ctrl/Cmd+]/[. Classic Mac Eudora had mapped those to raise/lower priority. So got rid of the accelerators on the menu items for Mac and left them in there for Windows (and have the accelerators map to indent).

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