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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 4


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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 4  Change Log

CHANGES IN 8.0.0b4

Includes Penelope version 0.5a1.
See for Penelope version notes.
Using Thunderbird 3.0a3 source code, which was a clone of comm-central. See
for details.


- Classic Eudora Redirect feature added. Acts like a Send Again, but the
Reply-To: header is set to be the sender of the original message so that any
replies to the redirected message get sent to the original sender. This allows
the user to edit the redirected message before sending, e.g. add additional

- Open windows are now saved between sessions. There is a known bug which is
that tabs are only restored on the first window.


- Mailboxes that receive new messages in them (e.g. from mail checks) now are
automatically opened. This is controlled by the penelope.mailbox.autoOpen
preference, and is easily changed via a checkbox in the Penelope panel of the
Preferences/Options dialog.

- When mailboxes are opened up they automatically select the first unread
message of the last unread block (FUMLUB). This is controlled by the
penelope.mailbox.selectFUMLUB preference, and is easily changed via a checkbox
in the Preferences/Options dialog.

- Mailbox window font name and size prefs, with new pref ids of and penelope.mailbox.font.size. The Penelope pref
panel has UI for changing them.

- Added a left margin to the start page so that it's not flush with the left
side of the window.

- In the Mailboxes window in 2-pane window mode, the splitter between the
folder pane and the thread/message panes is now hidden so it can't collapse
the folder pane.

- Fixed status bar flicker when the selection changes in the Mailboxes window.

- Fixed double-click/Enter to open mailbox.

- Fixed bug where the Mailboxes window was considered as an open window for the
mailbox which it currently had selected, causing it to get the focus when
trying to open that mailbox from another window.

- Fixed bug on Mac where holding down the Command key while hitting another
key (i.e. executing a shortcut) in a mailbox window would cause the selection
to change and thus execute the shortcut on a different message. The most
common occurrence of this was Command+R for replying.


- Added a manual filter context to filters. Now a filter can be specified as
working on incoming messages and/or manual filtering. Manual filtering is
performed either through the Tools->Run Filters on... menu items, or the
Run Now button in the Message Filters dialog.

- Added the menu item Tools->Run Filters on Selected Messages, which allows for
manual filtering on just the selected messages in a mailbox rather than all
messages in a mailbox, which is what Tools->Run Filters on Folder does.

- Added a "Don't ask me again" checkbox to the delete filter confirmation
dialog. If selected when a filter is deleted it sets the pref
mailnews.filters.confirm_delete, bypassing future warnings when deleting

- Filters without a user-specified name are now given a name based on the
first search term, rather than being generically named "Untitled Filter N".

- Now selecting the first filter in the list when opening the Message Filters

- Improvements to localization of filter importing changes.

- Listing filters in the UI as being able to be imported for Mac and Linux.

- Fixed bug where up/down accelerators toggled the enabled state on a filter.


- Fixed bug where importing of Eudora filters wasn't working with a
transfer/copy to mailbox action.

- Classic Eudora "Out" mailbox now correctly imported as "Sent" mailbox.

- When migrating Classic Eudora mailboxes with the names "In"/"Out" now
only translating names to "Inbox"/"Sent" if they are at the top level,
not in subfolders.

- Fixed bug where the list of data being imported during a full Eudora profile
migration was not shown while it happened.

- Now importing Classic Eudora personality settings to have new messages go in
to the global Inbox, rather than to the account-specific Inbox. This makes it
similar to Classic Eudora's behavior.

- All Classic Eudora personalities are now imported, and the dominant
personality is imported first so as to be the default account.

- Names of Classic Eudora personalities are now transferred to imported


- The View popup on the mailbox toolbar wasn't getting updated when the list
popped up. This made the "Not Deleted" view filter show up when it shouldn't
have, e.g. non-IMAP mailbox. Now it gets updated.

- Fixed the delete button on the toolbar so it uses the Eudora icon rather
than the Thunderbird version.

- File->Compact Folders button now able to be added to the toolbar.

- Address book entries now showing back up in the Recipients tab of the
Customize Toolbar dialog.

- Customize Toolbar dialog under Mac now closes. However, it is a known
issue that the dialog won't open up again after doing it once in a session.

- Fixed the recipient toolbar buttons so that they function properly.

- Send/Send Later button in composition window toolbars now shows the
"Send"/"Send Later" text to the right of the icon when the toolbar is set
to show text with the buttons.

- By default the composition window toolbar shows text with the buttons.


- Penelope strings localized in to Lithuanian by Rimas Kudelis .

- Now using the main Eudora icon for the icon in the Penelope prefs panel.

- New mail sound no longer gets overwritten on startup if the user changes it.

- To be consistent with Classic Eudora, the default way to forward a message
is with the original message being inline in the forwarded message.

- Moved the Selected Text URL menu items from the Tools menu to the Edit menu,
to be consistent with Classic Eudora.

- No longer requesting the IMAP capability command if the server announced it
in greetings.

- Mac installer dmg now has an alias to the Applications folder for easier
installation. There's also a new background image with an arrow indicating to
just drag and drop, without the English text.

- About Eudora dialog box made similar to the Thunderbird about box. Includes
copyright and user-agent string, which contains Thunderbird version in it.

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