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Dropbox Latest Version

Dropbox 1.6.17

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19.20 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

Dropbox Popular Version

Dropbox 1.1.24

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Apr 6, 2011
16.01 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Dropbox 0.7.110Nov 10, 201012.90 MB
Dropbox 1.0.10Dec 27, 201014.03 MB
Dropbox 1.0.20Jan 27, 201114.07 MB
Dropbox 1.0.28 Add info14.08 MB
Dropbox 1.1.23 Add info16.01 MB
Dropbox 1.1.24Apr 6, 201116.01 MB
Dropbox 1.1.28 Add info15.42 MB
Dropbox 1.1.31May 11, 201115.46 MB
Dropbox 1.1.34May 20, 201115.46 MB
Dropbox 1.1.35May 25, 201115.46 MB
Dropbox 1.1.40 Add info15.46 MB
Dropbox 1.1.43 Add info15.46 MB
Dropbox 1.1.45 Add info15.46 MB
Dropbox 1.2.48 Add info14.34 MB
Dropbox 1.2.49 Add info14.34 MB
Dropbox 1.2.50 Add info14.34 MB
Dropbox 1.2.51Jan 18, 201214.34 MB
Dropbox 1.2.52 Add info14.34 MB
Dropbox 1.4.0Apr 26, 201217.31 MB
Dropbox 1.4.1Apr 27, 201217.31 MB
Dropbox 1.4.3May 8, 201217.14 MB
Dropbox 1.4.7May 24, 201217.17 MB
Dropbox 1.4.8Jun 7, 201217.55 MB
Dropbox 1.4.9Jun 14, 201217.64 MB
Dropbox 1.4.11Jul 10, 201216.93 MB
Dropbox 1.4.12Jul 26, 201216.97 MB
Dropbox 1.4.17Aug 27, 201216.99 MB
Dropbox 1.4.18 Add info17.09 MB
Dropbox 1.4.20Oct 22, 201216.72 MB
Dropbox 1.4.21Nov 7, 201216.69 MB
Dropbox 1.4.23Nov 16, 201217.99 MB
Dropbox 1.6.0Nov 16, 201219.17 MB
Dropbox 1.6.2Nov 22, 201218.56 MB
Dropbox 1.6.3 Add info19.18 MB
Dropbox 1.6.4Dec 11, 201219.20 MB
Dropbox 1.6.5Dec 13, 201219.20 MB
Dropbox 1.6.6 Add info19.20 MB
Dropbox 1.6.9Dec 21, 201218.35 MB
Dropbox 1.6.10 Add info18.35 MB
Dropbox 1.6.11Dec 28, 201218.35 MB
Dropbox 1.6.12Jan 3, 201318.35 MB
Dropbox 1.6.13 Add info18.35 MB
Dropbox 1.6.14Jan 17, 201318.59 MB
Dropbox 1.6.16 Add info18.35 MB
Dropbox 1.6.17 Add info19.20 MB

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Dropbox Description

Dropbox is a utility that allows you to store files online and share them.

It also has synchronization capabilities between your own file repository and making it available online.

It is very simple to use: you simply designate a folder on your computer to be the folder where you "drop" your files. Once files are placed into that folder, they will automatically be synchronized with your Dropbox account and appear online to be shared with others. This has useful applications for backups as well as version control.

Dropbox boasts its security by saying: "all files are transported over SSL and encrypted using AES-256 (banks use this too)."

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