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Digsby Beta (build 86)  Change Log

# Major Changes

* Advertisements: We've added an optional advertisement to the bottom of the IM window to help support Digsby development so we can continue to offer Digsby for free to all users (enable/disable via Preferences > Conversations)
* Twitter Fixes: There was a protocol change with Twitter which caused several adverse effects including repeating popups, tweets out of order, and missing tweets - all of which should now be fixed in this release

# Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to fail to connect due to authentication error in some cases even if the user clicks “Allow” on the permissions page
* Fixed a bug that caused some Twitter popups to not launch the web browser on click
* Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail accounts to break if you enable their new “require HTTPS” option
* Fixed a bug that caused blocking ICQ users to not work correctly
* Fixed a bug that caused email accounts to fail under some corporate security policies
* Fixed a bug that caused buddies in the chat log viewer to not sort alphabetically by nickname
* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to add two POP or IMAP accounts with the same username even if the host server was different
* Fixed a bug with the auto-update system that made it possible for auto-updates to fail in a way where Digsby won't launch afterward
* Fixed a bug that caused the keyboard numpad to not work correctly in browser login windows
* Fixed a bug that caused Ctrl+L and Ctrl+R to not toggle the RTL status of the input box
* Fixed a bug that caused auto-update popups to ignore the preference to disable popups when running full screen apps
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to die if it can't launch the auto-updater due to a windows permissions error
* Fixed a bug that caused AIM accounts to fail to log in if you add them with or at the end
* Fixed a bug that made IM window tab creation to go into a spin in some rare cases
* Fixed several bugs with the new Accounts page implementation that caused unnecessary communication with our servers
* Fixed a bug that caused links for email actions to show in the infobox after you delete the last unread message or mark it as read
* Fixed a bug that caused horizontal scrollbars to appear for long buddy names in the IM window

# Enhancements

* Digsby will no longer show a popup for a couple erroneous AIM server SNAC errors
* Digsby will now check for Flash player each time you open a new video chat in case you installed it during runtime
* Email and social accounts now only rearrange when dragged with the left mouse button
* Added “Show Friendship” links to the wall posts on the Facebook newsfeed
* All buddies on a Google Talk account will show as Google Talk buddies instead of having some show as Jabber buddies if we can't determine the host (since most people have no idea what Jabber is)
* Pressing Esc with the auto-complete menu showing in Twitter will now hide the menu instead of the entire Twitter window
* Made a few small changes to LinkedIn in preparation to an upcoming API change

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