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Digsby Beta (build 51)  Change Log

Major Changes

* When the buddy list is closed to the icon tray or minimized to the taskbar, it will no longer resort as buddies sign on or off. When you bring it back into focus, it will resort to apply any status changes. This will significantly reduce CPU usage when Digsby is not in use (especially useful for gamers)
* Added diagnostic info to bug reports to help us hunt down CPU spins. If Digsby tells you it is running slowly, please choose “Yes” to submit the bug report so we can fix the issue

Bug Fixes

* Fixed last remaining known issues with the To/From dropdowns in the IM window that caused the IM window to not remember your last “From” selection in some cases
* Fixed a bug that caused POP accounts to fail to connect if the server sent an error for one of the message preview requests - we now just ignore that one message and move on so you get one less message preview
* Fixed a bug that caused file transfers to fail to start in some cases if the default directory name had unicode characters
* Fixed a bug in our linkify algorithm that caused semicolons to be inserted into some URLs when sending or receiving IMs
* Fixed a bug that prevented direct messages in Twitter from being deleted when clicking the garbage can icon
* Fixed a bug that caused MSN accounts to not realize they were disconnected from a conversation server in rare cases, resulting in message delivery failure
* Fixed a bug that caused the “Win 7” skin on to break the preferences window and custom status dropdown
* Fixed a bug that caused iTunes 8.1 to not work with the “Now Playing” status
* Fixed a bug that caused MSN to not auto-reconnect in rare cases when it lost the connection to the server


* Added diagnostic info to bug reports to make finding certain types of memory leaks easier
* Shift + Enter in the “New Tweet” dialog box inserts a line break
* Improved the speed with which IM windows open for buddies that have long conversation logs

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