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BitComet 0.60


BitComet 0.60 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

BitComet 0.60  Change Log

  • GUI Improved: new toolkit: BitComet Video Codec Check Wizard
  • GUI Improved: add open BCTP/HTTP link command in file menu
  • GUI Improved: add BCTP link page in Task Property Dialog
  • GUI Improved: add Boss-key choice option
  • GUI Improved: add Disable torrent file download dialog option
  • GUI Improved: add Display task delete confirm dialog option
  • GUI Improved: add piece size 2/4/8MB choice when making torrent
  • GUI Improved: open web link in internal browse of BitComet
  • GUI Bugfix: fix mistake delete when multi-selection after torrent list sort
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the win2k auto shutdown issue
  • Core Improved: add video file preview when downloading
  • Core Improved: add Torrent download from DHT network using BCTP link
  • Core Improved: add protocol header encrypt option
  • Core Improved: add Always using NAT Traversal via UDP option

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