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BitComet 0.49


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BitComet 0.49  Change Log

  • GUI Improved: if file changed, prompt dialog : check / ignore / cancel
  • GUI Improved: Ctrl+Delete remove task including files
  • GUI Bugfix: possiblely fix the crash when restoring from system tray
  • Core Improved: optimize pieces manager again
  • Core Improved: optimize choke picker for slow connections
  • Core Improved: able to auto resize the cache accoarding to the speed, set default max cache size to 50M
  • Core Improved: Auto config XP Internet Connection Sharing and Filewall (ICS/ICF)
  • Core Improved: when use proxy only for trackers, send HTTP GET rather than HTTP Connect
  • Core Bugfix: cache size caculate may overflow when the physical memory is getting lower
  • Core Bugfix: send event=stopped to tracker when program exited (Thanks to ulion)
  • Core Bugfix: load same torrent make it vanish (Thanks to bigjumbo)
  • Core Bugfix: UPnP always failed with DSL router/ICS (Thanks to wxhere ~_~)
  • Core Bugfix: may crash when cache is empty
  • Core Bugfix: possible to receive only part of the HTTP responce, cause tracker decode failture.

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