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BitComet 0.52


BitComet 0.52 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

BitComet 0.52  Change Log

  • GUI Changes: move language selection to menu
  • GUI Improved: remember list column order
  • GUI Improved: task status add status icon: connecting peers
  • GUI Improved: able to force start a queued task by start it again (Thanks fan_chenwen)
  • GUI Improved: new task is now at the bottom (Thanks Kameraman)
  • GUI Improved: able to auto run task when bitcomet startup (Thanks Kameraman)
  • GUI Bugfix: Max Simultaneous Download Tasks changes won\'t be reflected upon the taks immediately(Thanks windy)
  • GUI Bugfix: Toolbar will disappear next time if minimize BitComet to tray and close it.(Thanks Terence Tam)
  • GUI Bugfix: torrent encoding doesn\'t effect save location and comment.(Thanks kkj, Kameraman)
  • GUI Bugfix: minimize to taskbar and enable exit prompt cause confirm dialog can\'t be displayed(Thanks charlesyc)
  • GUI Bugfix: zero length file progress is always zero percent(Thanks Kameraman)
  • Core Improved: try to reserve disk space when downloading, almost zero disk fragement
  • Core Bugfix: rate measurement algorithm changed, should be more accurate but consume a bit more resource
  • Core Bugfix: hashing cause peers cache lost (Thanks Kameraman)
  • Core Bugfix: removing task incl files may delete all download directory, incl other files
  • Core Bugfix: hashing may crash at the end, and the task may can\'t be started
  • Core Bugfix: task minimize upload rate may cant work

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