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Audacity 2.0.3


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Audacity 2.0.3  Change Log

Bug fixes


  • Crash using Undo whilst time-shifting a track.
  • Crash using Repair if the selection extended into an empty track.
  • Export Multiple didn't prevent export if there was no audio or all audio was muted. This allowed export of small invalid files.

Time Track

  • Loop Play of a speeded-up track inserted silence.
  • Playback and rendering was significantly inaccurate, creating audible and visual glitches.


  • The mnemonics character "&" was read out by screen readers in most of the Preferences choices.
  • NVDA did not read static text in most dialogs. Text can now be read by using INSERT + B.
  • JAWS and Window-eyes misread the "Duration" control in Silence Generator.
  • Toolbar buttons could not be pressed by ENTER
  • Other interface bug fixes.

Changes and Improvements


  • The SoX Resampler library (libsoxr) has replaced libresample in Audacity releases, offering both higher quality and greater speed. .

Time Tracks new features

  • "Set Range" now changes only the range of the Time Track, preserving the pitch/speed set by any existing warp points.
  • Vertical scale added with options for linear and logarithmic display and interpolation.
  • Upper and lower speed limits will now be remembered when saving and reopening a project in 2.0.3. Warp points in projects saved by previous Audacity versions will be correctly restored in 2.0.3.
  • Warp points saved in a 2.0.3 project will be preserved if opened in previous versions but playback and display will be incorrect.

New effects

  • Studio Fade Out (uses a filtered "S" curve).
  • Adjustable Fade (accessible effect for creating partial fades and adjustable fade shapes).
  • Bass and Treble (replaces Bass Boost).


  • Real sample rates up to 384000 Hz are now supported for playback and recording in high resolution devices (the maximum is up to 192000 Hz for Windows DirectSound host).
  • Labeled Regions in Edit Menu is renamed to "Labeled Audio" and now allows splits to be placed at point labels. Labeled audio regions that touch without overlapping are treated as separate regions. Overlapping labeled audio regions are treated as a single region.
  • New Croatian translation of Audacity.


  • CMake is required in order to build libsoxr.

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