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Audacity 1.2.0


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Audacity 1.2.0  Change Log

  • New cross-fade effects.
  • Fix problem where samples were drawn in the wrong position when zoomed all the way in. This caused the drawing tool to move a different sample than the one under the cursor.
  • Don't use id3v2.4 tags, which are not yet supported by most players. (This was fixed in 1.2.0-pre2, but appeared again by accident in 1.2.0-pre3.)
  • Correctly display translated messages in the status bar.
  • When the cursor is on-screen, the Zoom In button now zooms to the area around the cursor.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed audio problems on the Apple PowerMac G5.
  • Linux/ALSA: Work around a bug in ALSA's OSS emulation that caused Audacity's playback cursor to move too quickly.
  • Microsoft Windows: The Audacity source code should now compile out of the box on Windows.
  • Many new/updated translations.

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