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Audacity 1.3.6


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Audacity 1.3.6  Change Log

Major new capabilities

  • FFmpeg support (downloadable separately) permits import and export of a much wider range of file formats, including WMA, M4A and AC3, plus import of audio from video files
  • On-demand loading of uncompressed files eliminates the wait before files can be played or edited
  • Linked audio and label tracks allow labels to move with their corresponding audio when cutting, pasting or changing speed or tempo

Other features

  • Hierarchical plug-in grouping for built-in plug-ins
  • Sound activated recording
  • Ability to save smaller, compressed project files
  • MIDI files can now be imported, cut-and-paste edited, then exported


  • Transport menu for easy access to frequently used recording/playback commands and preferences
  • Default View Mode Preference to choose Waveform, Spectrum or Pitch view
  • Several bug fixes

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