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AOL Instant Messenger Beta  Change Log

The Beta 2 build of AIM 6.8 is now available and ready for testing. You will see some exciting new updates! As soon as you start installing AIM, you'll notice our newly designed installer, now with AIM Search.

Plus, we're opening up the bottom of the Buddy List® to developers with new Buddy List UI Plugins. An API to create these plugins will be available to developers soon, but in the meantime, try uninstalling and reinstalling these new plugins (Hot Searches, Mobile, Radio, Stock Quotes and Notes). They are still a little buggy, so be sure to check out known issues. For information on installing and uninstalling AIM plugins, click here.

Special Notes

* Changes have been made to the Real-Time IM feature found in our first Beta build that are not compatible with this new version. You will not be able to communicate with buddies using the previous Beta build using this feature. Please encourage all your Beta buddies to upgrade, as this change is permanent moving forward.
* AIM Phoneline and AIM Call Out are not supported in this Beta build.
* The AIM location plugin is not compatible with this version of AIM. If you currently have this plugin installed, please disable or uninstall before downloading this version.

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