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AOL Instant Messenger Beta  Change Log

* Connection settings: Having issues signing on? AIM can help you configure your firewall or proxy settings. Look for the Connection tab in your settings manager.
* Status message in the Buddy List: Broadcast a personal message to your friends, even when you're available. Simply type your message in the field under your screen name at the top of your Buddy List. It will appear under your screen name on their Buddy List and when they hover over you name too. More status integration is coming soon.
* My Quick Access Panel: Rollover your screen name at the top of the Buddy List and get one-click access to your settings, email, expressions and buddy info
* Buddy Details: From the Buddy List, roll over your buddy's screen name and take action. Send a text message, call their PC, send an email and more. Don't forget to try expanding the form and save info for your buddy.
* Tips from AIM: Did you know you could do that on AIM? Look for a tip on the IM window.
* Updated Advertisement placement: Conveniently moved to the bottom of the Buddy List to allow easier access to your menus.
* Text Message Mode: Don't waste your mobile phone text messages. Send them from AIM. Clicking the TXT Msg button on the IM form is just one new place you can access this mode.

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